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Jimmy Kimmel compares the Dominican Republic with Syria, and in the networks he is "eaten alive"


At a time when the country is being unfairly attacked internationally, after the passing of American tourists in isolated events in hotels in the East, humorist Jimmy Kimmel throws fuel on the fire, and made an unfortunate joke that has many angry , to the point of becoming a target of criticism.

Everything happened during the interview with the actor Miles Teller, in an interview in the popular program Jimmy Kimmel Live, he told him that he celebrated his bachelor party in the Dominican Republic, a country that highlighted the natural beauty and kindness of the people; He admitted that he had a great time, and he said he was surprised at the negative things they were saying, because his experience was very pleasant. He admitted that he took a lot and that nothing happened to him.

Confronted with this confession Kimmel, in his desire to be funny asked sarcastically the actor, star of "Whiplash" if there was no availability in Syria, while the actor continued describing the positive characteristics of the country amid laughter of both.

As expected, because of the sensitivity of the subject, Jimmy's unfortunate comment has caused a high level of indignation in social networks, most demanding their public apologies.

Below are some of hundreds of comments after the interview

"I just came to say that Miles arrived in the Dominican Republic and survived, like 6 million more tourists," wrote one of the outraged on YouTube.

In another of the comments he said: "Simultaneously mocking Syria and the Dominican Republic at the same time. Wow, I thought Jimmy Kimmel was better than that. "

Another asked: "Jimmy Kimmel seriously compared the Dominican Republic with Syria? How disgusting can it be? "

"The most ignorant animator by far … Jimmy Kimmel shows how ignorant he can be in this interview, denigrating the Dominican Republic"

"The Dominican Republic is much safer than the Bronx."

"I can not believe the joke you thought was fun about the Dominican Republic"

"Jimmy should have kept that comment about the Dominican Republic"

"The Dominican Republic does not have massive shootings every time someone wants to appear in the news"

In his Instagram account he also receives harsh criticism:

"Mr. Kimmel, 10 million Dominicans are very disappointed by their ignorant joke about the Dominican Republic. It was simply included in the group of ignorant people who have generated this ridiculous rumor that the DR is a dangerous place without taking five minutes to verify it. Here are the facts: The DR occupies the last place (in the 25th place) in the list of the top 25 countries where American tourists died per capita during the last 8 years. Other destinations dear to American tourists who are much more dangerous than us: Thailand (# 2), Philippines (# 3), Mexico (# 10), Greece (# 13), Jamaica (# 15), Costa Rica (# 19) ), Colombia (# 21), Barbados (# 23). On average, during these last 8 years, the DR occupies the 25th position with 1 American killed for every 400,000 Americans who visit the country. Maybe you should have your staff a better investigation before offending an entire country. "

"Now I can understand why bullying is such a big problem in the United States. You are teaching it to the younger generation by making irresponsible statements like this one. What a double standard. "

"Both the Syrians and the Dominicans are very offended by this! Why did not you also say that you are in danger when you go to school in the United States every day? What a shame! I will stop watching your program forever. "

"Clean your own backyard before talking about someone else's"

"The entire Dominican community should stop following you, it is clear that you have not visited our country, otherwise, you would ask for forgiveness. You can see your ignorance with this topic. "

"So much lack of respect for the Dominican Republic and Syria. Try to educate yourself first before talking. "

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