Jina Rab Yong Songyot lost her passion, unfortunately Nadao stopped taking care of the artist.

Jina Osotsilp, the executive of GDH, regrets that Nadao Bangkok has ended her role in taking care of artists, has not closed yet, admits that Yong Songyot has lost his passion, just resting and waiting to come back

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Date 18 May 65 Jina Osotsilp Chief Executive Officer of GDH Ha Ha Ha Kao Company Limited gave an interview about the issues that Nadao Bangkok has Yong Songyot Sukmakanan as managing director Announcement of termination of development role and take care of the artist Including the production of dramas, series and music works under the names of Nadao Bangkok and Nadao Music, effective from June 1, 65

“I have to tell you that 12 years ago, Jina asked Brother Yong (Songyot) to open Na Dao. At that time, we had 3-4 actors. GDH is a Thai film production company, producing content. We are responsible for making content. At that time we had actors. Sunny (Sunny Suwanmethanont) Te (Chanthawit Thanasewi) Per (Suvikrom Amranan) Michael (Sirachat Chienthaworn) P. Yong wants to work in production. We saw Brother Yong and Nong Bomb (Jongjit Inthung) taking care of the actors. We wanted to do artist development but we couldn’t. Brother Yong has opened a company and can you help us with what Brother Yong has? I want to do anything that Brother Yong has a passion for, that was 12 years ago.”

“Then Brother Yong got a chance to make hormones. an actor was created Let’s create your own artist. P’ Yong is also having fun and has a lot of passion to do new things. Brother Yong also came to say that he wanted to do something that he had never done, which was similar to the present. Trial and error Na Dao for the first 2-3 years had left twenty-eight of the money, if he went back and read it in his biography. The passion that Young Brother has to achieve in order to develop an artist. That means we have to have work, have to think about work, create content.”

“Until two years ago, Brother Yong felt he was about to run out of passion. We have more and more of our actors. Everyone has potential and opportunity. But while the people who were doing it were weak His passion is not in the same place. He didn’t want to do a series. He didn’t want to do the same thing over and over. he wants to do something new have come to talk Plus our actors and our artists have the opportunity and have their own path.”

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“Actually, nowadays, it’s not like in the past. The world has changed. We say that everyone can take care of themselves. Contacting work is much easier. There was a discussion 2 years ago, I told Brother Yong that in the end, as we are working people. Anything that a worker has passion and no passion, we will respect that. Until Brother Yong said that I have started talking to the actors within 2 years, we will gradually find a way and stop.”

Stopping doesn’t mean closing Na Dao. Nadao is not closed Nadao is a company in which Brother Yong is a major shareholder. We go to share stocks with Brother Yong to take care of the artists. Brother Yong also worked for us to be famous. A huge turnover Last year, we gained part of the profit from the dividend of Na Dao. Na Dao last year, his profits were very good. But the passion is gone, the passion for P’Yong is gone, it means that P’Yong doesn’t want to make a part here. But he has things to do in the future. So I said that if we don’t want to do anything, even if we force each other to get money, it won’t be a good result.”

“So Yong said, then every actor needs to have a conversation. No quarrels. Let’s go outing at Samet. And all the actors go back to take care of themselves, but if you want to have a job or something This is what Brother Yong has done ahead. We can still work together always gdh these kids are like our brothers and sisters. Anything we will miss first. Therefore, Nadao ending his role does not mean closing the company. His company still exists and waits to see if Brother Yong’s new passion, which if we know him well, will not stop. Soon you will be able to create something new like you started making hormones. No one thought that day that he would be able to make hormones or the blood faded. The drama was shown on TV.”

Nadao does not close? “Nadao Bangkok is still the same. Brother Yong is still a major shareholder, but ended his part in taking care of artists, developing artists because having artists means we have to create content. Now, Yong stops this. What will the actors do if they stop? Therefore, we have to let the actors have their own path. It’s a separation.”

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Is it a pity because the artist can still go? “If talking about business The business results may be disappointing. But the people who work it use a lot of passion. The fact that P’Yong or the Nadao sisters, in the latest story of translating love me with your heart, Phi Phi Bukin, until this could happen It uses high strength. Brother Yong himself, if he doesn’t have the same passion to drive like a movie maker. All brothers and sisters must have passion. We have to believe in what we want to do. do this forward If in business, it may be a pity. But Na Dao gave us a lot. Giving us fame, money, and good things that we’ve built, we believe that Yong must have to do something new in the future.”

Therefore, Nadao is still here. Brother Yong has a Nadao Company, but right now, I don’t know what to do next. In the process of making a decision But I believe that he doesn’t stop, he just rests and finds new passions. will be back soon Then Brother Yong may see who is the right person to share in his new ventures.”

Do we have plans to take care of artists who are still making money? “So when we open a new GDH We still have to get the actors to show off because we are actually content creators. Looking at the actor’s parts requires a different head to see how he develops. Developing is not just about sending to school. You have to work for him too. One thing that Na Dao is very successful in is his creativity in creating various content. that will allow the actor to be known and able to move forward.”

“If you ask that today GDH may not be ready to bring all the actors back, it’s 40 lives. We make movies, we do series, it’s considered full of strength and the other thing is the younger siblings. The actor actually has a good supervisor or manager. and new content It’s very diverse. The youngsters may get to practice their experiences together.”

Now, Nadao is still ending the content and artist treatment? “Yes, and it’s the part that GDH shares in the artist management partner. So we have bought back shares and new shares, depending on what he will do next, but not close the company. If closed, it will be like GTH does not have this company, but Na Dao still exists. Brother Yong is already the owner and major shareholder of Nadao. Personally, we are brothers and sisters who love each other as before. because we have known each other all along always consult including the Grammys.”

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“But we don’t know that in front of Yong’s passion, we can all be together again, but we can just set up first. But we are happy and grateful to Brother Yong for telling him what he feels. That is, people, if working, only need money, we believe that in front of our content we will not go anywhere. This is thanks to Brother Yong who said that in advance. At first we tried to be like Nong Can we continue. It’s been 2 years and we see the powerlessness.”

He told me 2 years in advance? “Well, we’ve been talking for two years that this is a good thing. The younger actor was aware of it. But the only effect it is this month.”

How much shares does GDH hold? “30 percent”

But the new job won’t be called Na Dao Bangkok anymore? “It’s at Brother Yong. We told Brother Yong that now Nadao Bangkok Co., Ltd. belongs to Brother Yong. Brother Keng Jira is the person who set it up for one day to change the name or not to change this one is up to Brother Yong because actually Na Dao when it came in It’s a small group that has P’Bom, GDH, P’Yong, Khun Tad, Khun Dew, who interprets it as saying that Nadao Bangkok is equal to an artist, but actually Nadao Bangkok has a production part. The song has another sound being made. This is up to Brother Yong.”

Are there any projects that are still pending? “No, after knowing the project, gradually No deal until now But we might see one day Brother Yong make a movie. can’t tell now Brother Yong is an energetic worker, only if he has a passion that believes that he will do things Those came out well.”

Waiting for you now? “Wait for Brother Yong and the person who will join the journey with Brother Yong. This is what Brother Yong is probably looking at.”