JIS and BIS are defended here and there even though foreign names reap controversy


Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) and Banten International Stadium (BIS) have been completed. The two stadiums were highlighted because their names did not use Indonesian.

The spotlight came from former Ombudsman member Alvin Lie. He mentioned the obligation to name buildings or buildings using the Indonesian language.

This is regulated in Law Number 24 of 2009 concerning the Flag, Language, and Emblem of the State, as well as the National Anthem. The obligation to use the Indonesian language is enshrined in Presidential Decree 63 of 2019.

The obligation to use Indonesian language for buildings or buildings is enshrined in Law 24/2009 Article 36 paragraph 3. This reads:

Indonesian language must be used for the names of buildings or buildings, roads, apartments or settlements, offices, trade complexes, trademarks, business institutions, educational institutions, organizations established or owned by Indonesian citizens or Indonesian legal entities.

Meanwhile, in the presidential regulation signed by President Jokowi, the obligation to use the Indonesian language in public facilities is stated in article 33. Sports stadiums enter buildings or buildings that are required to use the Indonesian language.

“The law must be our reference, especially regarding public services for public spaces, government administration, especially stadiums, airports, and other places. It was built using the APBN, APBD which are state assets and regional assets,” Alvin told reporters. , Monday (9/5).

PT Jakarta Propertindo (JakPro) revealed the progress of the construction of the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS). The construction of the stadium has reached 98%. Photo: Rifkianto Nugroho

Alvin then gave an example of the use of Indonesian in naming Yogyakarta Airport. Alvin said, before being inaugurated, Yogyakarta International Airport used the name New Yogyakarta International Airport (NYIA) in public communications, but in its inauguration it ended up using Indonesian.

“So it is important to comply with statutory regulations. I also remember a few years ago when Yogyakarta International Airport had not yet been inaugurated public communication publicity by government officials always used NYIA, New Yogyakarta International Airport, at that time I reminded the Minister of Transportation, especially to comply with regulations the law so that its official name is Yogyakarta International Airport, although informally it can be stated in brackets as NYIA,” he said.

Deputy Governor Asks for JIS Name Not to be Debated

Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta Ahmad Riza Patria asked that the naming of JIS should not be debated. He said everything was normal.

“So there’s no need to argue about the name, whether it’s JIS or something else. So there’s no philosophy or anything like that,” said Riza at the DKI Jakarta City Hall Office, Wednesday (11/5).

Riza said the name JIS was taken from the name ‘Jakarta’ because it belongs to Jakarta residents. Then, the name ‘international’ was used because of its designation as an international standard stadium and ‘stadium’ was used because the building was indeed a stadium.

“Well, when it comes to international or Indonesian or Betawi, as other friends have said, it’s also because it’s international class. Moreover, in Jakarta, an international class city, we also know that Jakarta is also a city that is not only developed in Indonesia but also a city that is developed progress in ASEAN, Asia and even the world,” explained Riza.

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