JJ Redick talks about what he would have changed in his career

Recently JJ Redick announced his retirement despite having no squad for next season. In the last episode of his podcast “The Old Man and the Three”, the leader of the Kings Tyrese Haliburton asked him what was the biggest regret of his career or what he would change.

“You cannot change the outcome because the outcome is beyond your control. So you can change a decision. I wish there was a way I could go back to Philly. “

After a great 2018-19 season in which he posted his best points average in the NBA with 18.1 to 44% including 39.7% at 3-pts, he left Pennsylvania, heading to the Pelicans, who offered him a big contract. of $ 26 million over 2 years. Just a year ago, he said on this subject:

“They messed around by not getting me to re-sign. They fucked up by not bringing me back. “

The veteran would have undoubtedly helped the Sixers well in the last two seasons, but obviously they weren’t ready to keep him at all costs. In July 2019, shortly after his signing, Redick confided.

“I was sure I was going to retire in Philly. That’s what I thought. It’s even a conservation I had with Josh Harris (the owner). But sometimes financially it doesn’t work. Even before those discussions when I heard that New Orleans might be a possibility, I was really excited about it. It wasn’t like ‘Oh, I’m gonna take this contract’ it was’ Oh, I think that’s a great fit, a team coming up, with a lot of excitement around Zion, all these young guys that ‘They have, those who arrived in the trade, then those they drafted were huge during the summer league.’ Then the other factor was Jrue Holiday. I spoke to him before the free agency. Is that tampering? I don’t know (no it isn’t, editor’s note). We spoke on the phone. I told him ‘Man, you are one of my favorite players in the NBA and I really mean it. He’s someone I’ve admired as a player and a person for a long time. While there were the young players and the opportunity to have a mentoring role, a major factor was having the opportunity to play with Jrue. »Redick

Finally at the Pelicans, after a good first season, he struggled in the second, the fault of a heel injury. He was finally transferred to Dallas where he played little.