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JK Rowling with death threat

by archyw

British writer JK Rowling, author of the famous Harry Potter books, is facing death threats. She shared a message via social media from someone who wished her “a bomb in her mailbox”, and that would be just one of hundreds of examples. Rowling has long been under fire for her alleged dislike of transgender people.

Rowling came under fire in late 2019 when she criticized an article on social media that featured the description “people who menstruate.” She joked that there was a word for that after all, referring to women. Critics blamed her for that because transgender men can also menstruate. Because of the many angry reactions to her comment, she wrote a blog post in which she stated that she is against “erasing” biological sex determination.

JK Rowling also wrote on Twitter that young people with mental problems are nowadays very easily administered hormones and gender surgery is recommended, “while that may not be the right thing”. In her book Troubled Blood, which Rowling wrote under her pseudonym Robert Galbraith, a villain in the story is a man who dresses up as a woman. Critics saw in it evidence that she actually meant never to “trust a man in women’s clothing.”

It caused a storm of criticism, including from some Harry Potter actors and the well-known Dutch transwoman Nikkie de Jager. “And to think I was a huge Harry Potter fan. JK Rowling, you are a disgrace. You have no idea how much you hurt people. Shame on you”, wrote the celebrated presenter of the last Eurovision Song Contest.

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Rowling herself has always denied having anything against transgender people. She says she has experienced domestic violence and sexual abuse in the past. “The reason I speak out about this is that I want to show solidarity with all those women who have a history just like me. They are called ‘big intolerance’ because they have a hard time with the idea that there are no different sexes.”

Despite this, she has been under fire and threats ever since. The writer told Twitter on Monday that it was about activists who wanted to “beat, rape, kill and bomb” her. The tweet from someone wishing her “a really nice bomb in your mailbox” is one of hundreds of threats she’s received from trans activists, she said scornfully, “so now I realize that this movement is definitely not risky for women”.

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