JO-2018 : the broken dream of Hirscher, no blue medal


Marcel Hirscher has missed its rendezvous with the slalom and the olympic history Thursday, while France has not won any medal and that the Swiss racer Gisin stole the spotlight at the American Vonn and Shiffrin on the handset, in the morning at the olympic games-2018.

It was not a good place to be a favorite, this Thursday morning at the olympic games-2018 ! He was not good to be French either, at this slalom gentlemen: 4th, 5th, and 6th, are respectively the squares of Clement Christmas, Alexis Pinturault and Victor Muffat-Jeandet.

A strong grouping pattern that does nothing, except regrets. The differences in the rostrum are more cruel for the Tri -, 4 -, 6-and 9-hundredths of the box…

In the meantime the trials of the afternoon – in particular the nordic combined team time and relay the ladies of the biathlon – the counter French thus remains stuck at 14 medals.

A first fault, and then a second, fatal, as soon as the first round: Marcel Hirscher was missed in the larger widths, on Thursday.

“I had absolutely no confidence on this kind of snow. I have a really bad skiing. This can also happen, it’s part of the game, the sport. Some days you win, and the other one is not up to it.”
The Austrian has not sought to hide, after this terrible failure.

As it will not make the team event, Saturday, Hirscher will not be able to join the history of his countryman Toni Sailer (1956) and the Frenchman Jean-Claude Killy (1968), the only two alpine skiers and three times golden at the same edition of the OJ.

The favorite in the second, the Norwegian Henrik Kristoffersen has also failed, the fault in the 2nd round that he had dominated the first.

so Here is the Swedish Andre Myhrer new elected slalom, and the oldest olympic champion in the discipline, 35 and 42 days.

It will perhaps give ideas to Hirscher, ever sacred in the olympic slalom, who will be 29 years old on 2 march, but who has regularly hinted that it would not continue all the way to Beijing-2022.
“I need a gold medal in the slalom. No, I’m just kidding. It will be seen that in four years,” evasively let go of the Austrian.

– Gisin steals the show –

The combined ladies was finally allowed to see them run against each other in the olympics the two american stars Lindsay Vonn, 33 years old, and his successeuse designated Mikaela Shiffrin, 22 years old.
The first and only representation available !

the mid-term review, after the descent, it is logically the queen of speed, Vonn is in the lead, with Shiffrin relegated to 1 sec 98/100th in 6th position.

But Shiffrin, much better in the technical events, has returned to the situation in the slalom… before being overtaken by the Swiss Michelle Gisin, before for 97 cents.

Only remained then to Vonn that to hope in a slalom is strong… But the superstar came out quickly, leaving Gisin dominate Shiffrin, and another Swiss girl Wendy Hoeldener, in bronze. The end of the show !

Fortunately for the USA, the women have put an end to the reign of the Canadian, with a success at the end of the suspense, 3-2 in a shootout.

Since the emergence of women’s hockey in the olympics, the U.s. had won the first tournament, at Nagano in 1998, but Canada had swept the four following titles, winning the passage 24 consecutive matches in the Games.

– Rolland dented –

The first title of the day was awarded to the Austrian Anna Gasser, become at the same time the first olympic champion of the Big Air discipline, which was his entry to the olympics.

She dominated the American Jamie Anderson, and the new Zealand Zoi Sadowski Synnott.
In ski halpipe gentlemen, the march was too high for French wrinkled.

Arrived at the Games, barely recovered from injury, Kevin Rolland and Thomas Krief dropped in the final to finish away from the podium, disappointed, and very strong physically.

“I have even more evil in the moral as in the physical even if there are no longer a single part of my body where I did not bad,” said Rolland, who had won the bronze four years ago in Sochi.

The race has been dominated by the American David Wise, the olympic champion in title, his fellow countryman Alex Ferreira and the teenage new zealander Nico Porteous (16 years and three months).

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