The New York club made Saturday the start of the 33-year-old French international pivot. Decryption.

Well, it's over … Sure to revive New York, the club of his hometown, where he signed in 2016 for a wonderful contract of $ 72 million over four years, Noah will have lived a nightmare. Between injuries, suspension (20 games on the 2016-17 and 2017-18 seasons) and hilarious performances, nothing will have gone round. And it's no surprise that the Knicks announced Saturday that they cut the pivot of 33 years. Reasons for the fiasco? Why this timing? And now ? You are told all through five questions.

Why did the rag burn between Noah and the Knicks?
While he was finally thinking his time arrived against the Warriors, January 23, with several absences in the domestic sector, Noah was entitled only … five small minutes of playing time. Too little. And too full. Yannick's son and his coach, Jeff Hornacek, had a serious pitch at the end of January in training. The point of no return. And it is not the departure of the latter at the end of the season that would change the situation. David Fizdale relies on other players and in any case, the bosses of the New York club had no desire to continue the adventure with a player so handsomely paid.

Why New York did not trade Noah?
Very simple: they did not find takers. Between the recent performance of the person concerned and the (very) high amount of his contract, it is not really surprising. We had to try … And they were not willing to give up precious assets in the current times, namely young talents or the first draft rounds.

Why separation is only recorded now?
The Knicks waited until the last moment to try to find a taker via a trade. Then they did not want to cut off the person beforest September. Why ? Before that date, they lost flexibility for years to come. It's simple. New York used stretch provision to spread Noah's salary and limit its impact on payroll. Notably next summer, when Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Klay Thompson, Kawhi Leonard, Kemba Walker and others will be free. Of course, this will not change anything for the Franco-American pivot, which will well touch his $ 37.825 million.


He had to pocket $ 18.53 million in 2018-19, then $ 19.295 million in 2019-20. By dismissing Noah before 1st September, NYC would have seen about $ 7.5M appear in their payroll this season and for five years, until 2023. By pressing the red button after that date, they are only spreading its last year of contract, and over three years, until 2022. So they keep the $ 18.53 million originally planned in 2018-19, but it does not matter. It's next year that they will actively try to sign a superstar. Note that Noah also did not intend to negotiate to help his now ex-employers. Without a firm offer, he intended to receive the full amount of his contract. Quit waiting.

And now ?
"Jooks" will be really free to sign in any franchise early in the week. Being safe from need, he should take the minimum. Especially with only 82 matches on the … last three seasons, including seven in 2017-18, the vice-champion of Europe 2011 does not present huge guarantees for its future employers and can not require anything more. That he is far away, the time he was invited two years in a row at the All Star Game (2013, 2014) and where he was dedicated best defender of the League (2014) … Charge to the native New York to show that he still underfoot. In Minnesota? It was the track most often mentioned in recent weeks. It must be said that the former Chicago coach Tom Thibodeau takes pleasure in bringing old Bulls to Minneapolis (Butler, Rose, Gibson …). Except that ESPN now suggests that "Thibs" is not interested in his services. The suspense is whole.

What trace / memory will leave Noah in the Big Apple?
That of a fiasco. The symbol of the cataclysmic passage of Phil Jackson to the presidency of the club. The numbers speak for themselves. With a total of 53 matches and 1057 minutes played in NY, Noah will have touched $ 1.36 million / match and $ 68,685 / minute. The fans of the Knicks are certainly not unhappy to see the interested bend luggage … 12 points, 14 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals and 2 blocks in 40 minutes. These are the cumulative statistics of Noah on … his second season (7 matches).



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