João Lourenço throws splinters at the ″ voices that rise ″ to criticize the fight against corruption

João Lourenço, who was speaking at the opening of the 2nd ordinary meeting of the Political Bureau of the MPLA, said that some consider good results only the greater or lesser number of people listed, detained or sentenced, or that the State should have already recovered all assets.

“What is not realistic at all”, he defended.

For the MPLA leader, although it seems little, in two years, much more has been done than has ever been done in 43 of the 45 years of national independence.

“The fight against corruption went from mere politicians’ discourse to something concrete, visible to the citizen, which became part of the solution with denunciations of facts that, once proven, can lead to the condemnation of their authors”, he stressed.

“Since money created in some the illusion and false sense of impunity, not voluntarily returning the assets that belong to the Angolan people, to the Angolan State and Justice there is no choice but to achieve the same objective through legal means within reach, including international judicial cooperation, “he added.

For the MPLA President, “voices are raised in the sense that the fight against corruption is being poorly managed, that the best way out would be to organize a debate within the MPLA to resolve the problem between them as it is said in slang “etu um dieto”, (in Portuguese “between us”).

“The fight against corruption is not a problem for the MPLA, it is a problem for Angolans, for society as a whole,” he declared, stressing that the debate on major national issues is always welcome.

João Lourenço recalled that the country has been at peace for 18 years, during which Angolans managed to overcome the mistrust that reigned at the time and a democratic society is being built.

“This has nothing to do with the political dispute between political forces and the right of some to oppose power, under the terms of the Law and political ethics”, he recalled, adding that the channels of dialogue are open to all, especially for the party leaders represented in the National Assembly.

João Lourenço also said that “no one ended the Fundo Sovereign, it will continue to exist and serve the purpose for which it was created”.

“Sovereign Funds do not necessarily have to have that high initial value, judging by the experience of countries with smaller and better managed Sovereign Funds”, he clarified, adding that, in this phase of economic crisis, only part of it was used for an end noble, that of creating social infrastructure.

Regarding Covid-19, he said that the Angolan Executive “has been mobilizing not only the necessary financial, material and human resources, but also all the living forces of the nation, all the wills and sensibilities of civil society, which fortunately felt part of the solution , having become active players in this struggle “.

“This is how to face and overcome this enemy, the Executive does not feel alone in the trench, civil society has organized and mobilized efforts, which converge not only in the collection but also in the distribution of essential goods to people in need,” he said.

He recalled that the country celebrated this month the first anniversary of the launch of the Integrated Program for Intervention in Municipalities (PIIM), with the inauguration of the first works in the province of Huila, which will be followed by others throughout the country.

“When we announced this program, voices were voiced against the argument that we would be compromising the future of future generations using resources from the Sovereign Fund. The same ones who publicly rose up against the charitable hand of civil society organizations that distributed food to the needy, are those who do not want to see the Executive take the nearest public services to the municipalities “, he recalled.



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