Job offer Cook (F/M) – Catering Service GARCHES Raymond-Poincaré Hospital AP-HP


The Assistance Publique des Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP) is the University Hospital Center of Ile de France. It is made up of 38 hospitals grouped together in 6 University Hospital Groups. It employs more than 100,000 professionals, including paramedical staff from the Public Hospital Service.

HOSPITAL GROUP: AP-HP. Paris-Saclay University


  • Bicêtre Hospital (Le Kremlin-Bicêtre- 94)
  • Antoine-Béclère Hospital (Clamart-92)
  • Paul-Brousse Hospital (Villejuif- 94)
  • Ambroise-Paré Hospital (Boulogne-Billancourt- 92)
  • Raymond-Poincaré Hospital (Garches- 92)
  • Sainte-Périne Hospital (Paris- 16th)
  • Berck Maritime Hospital (Berck-sur-Mer- 62)

Exercice place : Raymond-Poincaré Hospital, 104 boulevard Raymond Poincaré – 92380 GARCHES

Update date: 21/09/2022



Located in Garches in the Hauts-de-Seine, the Raymond-Poincaré AP-HP hospital specializes in the care of adults and children suffering from heavy and disabling neurolocomotor disorders, innate or acquired, and their complications. (bedsores…). It also has a developed orthopedic and plastic surgery department: shoulder, hip, knee, foot and ankle surgery. Several other medical activities are organized in the establishment (medical resuscitation for adults and children, infectious diseases, etc.).

Equipped with a high-performance technical platform including rehabilitation and balneotherapy, it is also a reference center for “rare diseases” in several areas such as neuromuscular diseases, non-vascular Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, Fabry disease and rare hypersomnia. . It is the only health facility in Ile-de-France equipped with a hyperbaric chamber within its medical-surgical resuscitation department allowing the care of adult and child patients. It is the headquarters of the Hauts-de-Seine SAMU and has an SMUR.



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The Purchasing, Logistics and Hotel Quality Department is made up of the following divisions:

  • Supplies
  • Hospital ecology
  • Personal services (patients and staff)
  • Restoration
  • Markets/Purchases


The catering service is made up of 35 agents.

The central kitchen of the Raymond-Poincaré hospital produces cold preparations for the Raymond-Poincaré and Ambroise Paré sites and the Sainte Périne self-catering facility.

The structure serves 270,000 meals annually, including 112,000 meals for self-service users.

Line-up :

  • 1 catering manager
  • 1 deputy catering manager
  • 1 production manager
  • 1 self-responsible
  • Agents de self
  • Cold preparation agents
  • Tray conditioning agents
  • Dishwashing and cleaning agents
  • SRD Management Office Agents


Hierarchical links:

  • Responsable production
  • Responsable distribution
  • Responsable self

Functional links:

Exercice place : Raymond-Poincaré Hospital, 104 boulevard Raymond Poincaré – 92380 Garches

Update date: 21/09/2022


  • Job : Catering-hotel agent
  • business code : 25R200
  • Appellation locale : To cook
  • Grade : OP
  • Category : Category C
  • Position to be filled at : 03/10/2022
  • Recruitment methods : Holder, CDD on permanent position
  • Time schedule : Jour


  • Schedule : Amplitude from 06:30 a.m. to 2:36 p.m. Fixed weekend rest
  • Quota of time: 100 %


General tasks:

  • Compliance with rules, procedures, standards in its field of activity
  • Control of the conformity and quality of products relating to its field
  • Cleaning and checking the cleanliness of equipment and premises
  • Preparation of appetizers and desserts for self and export
  • Cooking and heating meals for self
  • Cleaning of the hot production zone
  • Team working

Specific missions:

  • Audit and reorganize the sector if necessary
  • Put in place all the actions necessary to improve the service
  • Adapt his behavior, his professional practice to critical situations in his field of competence
  • Any one-off mission entrusted by the line manager within the framework of the operation of the service
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The course of the day is likely to be readjusted in the event that staff are missing in the kitchen. In this case, the agent who holds the position may be required to take charge of a task that does not appear in this document.


  • Working hours
  • Be part of a group with real mutual aid between GHU sites
  • Opportunity to make suggestions for improvement and test new features


Description Level of knowledge

  • Operational knowledge: Detailed knowledge, practical and theoretical, of a particular field or area including knowledge of processes, techniques and procedures, materials, instruments, equipment, terminology and some theoretical ideas. This knowledge is contextualized. Duration of acquisition from a few months to one / two years.
  • General knowledge : General knowledge specific to a field. The scope of knowledge involved is limited to facts and main ideas. Knowledge of the basic concepts, the main terms. Knowledge most often fragmentary and poorly contextualized. Short acquisition period of a few weeks maximum. In-depth knowledge: In-depth theoretical and practical knowledge in a given field. Mastery of the fundamental principles of the field, allowing modeling. Some of this knowledge is advanced or state-of-the-art knowledge. Acquisition period of 2 to 4/5 years.
  • Expert knowledge: Knowledge allowing to produce a critical analysis of theories and principles, to redefine professional practices in a field or at the interface between different fields. Highly contextualized knowledge. Duration of acquisition of 3 / 5 and more years and more.

Special knowledge :

  • Culinary Techniques: Operational Knowledge
  • Cookware Equipment and Technology: Operational Knowledge
  • Technical and safety regulations standards: General knowledge
  • Organization of work: General knowledge
  • Software dedicated to production: Operational knowledge
  • Office automation: Operational knowledge
  • Communication technique: General knowledge
  • Geography and Topography of Settlement: Operational Knowledge
  • General hygiene: General knowledge
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Professional qualities required:

  • Adaptation
  • Implication
  • Autonomy
  • Kindness
  • Dynamism
  • Team spirit / collective sense
  • Meaning of interpersonal relationships


Required training and/or qualifications:

  • CAP or BEP or internal promotion


  • Similar experience in another structure desired



Send your CV and cover letter to:

  • Firstname name : Sarah DANO
  • Function : Hospital engineer in charge of restorations at the GHU Paris Saclay
  • E-mail : [email protected]

Exercice place : Raymond-Poincaré Hospital, 104 boulevard Raymond Poincaré – 92380 Garches

Means of access to the hospital:

  • Train : Paris – Saint Lazare Stop: Garches – Marnes la Coquette
  • Bus : 360 / 460 Stop: Garches Hospital