Jobs you need to apply for when you are fired

The destruction of the Australian workforce as a result of the coronavirus pandemic is undeniable, but there is a glimmer of hope for sudden jobseekers.

Millions are expected to become unemployed as a result of the looming recession, while the national shutdown to formalize social distancing measures has left tens of thousands unemployed.

The country’s major institutions have announced personnel needs this week that are chasing call center operators and supermarket workers.

Cleaning staff and nurses are also in high demand.

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Much of the population has withdrawn to work from home, and the additional pressure on the network has increased the number of complaints and problems addressed to Telstra.

The large telecommunications company wants to employ 1,000 people to reduce this burden.

“In these extraordinary times, it is in the national interest of every company and individual to help make Australia as strong as possible,” said CEO Andrew Penn late last week.

“We will expand our team to manage call center volume and serve our customers better during this time by hiring another 1,000 temporary employment agencies in Australia.”

Coles is another institution that is currently immune to the immediate downturn, especially after the well-known and persistent act of panic buying household goods.

The large supermarket says the rush for toilet paper and other items has created a need for a large number of employees.

“To help us continue to provide the best possible service to our customers during this busy period, Coles is recruiting more than 5,000 occasional team members to work in supermarkets across Australia,” the company said recently.

“This will enable us to serve more customers and fill shelves faster, while providing employment opportunities for Australians who work in other industries affected by COVID-19.”

Or if you’ve enjoyed the isolation that has been imposed on the country to curb the spread of the deadly virus, perhaps something more distant would be more appropriate.

BHP is looking for 1,500 short-term workers for its mining operations in Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and New South Wales.

Acting local mineral president Edgar Basto said the positions are intended for truck drivers, mechanics, boiler builders, production operators, cleaning staff and warehouse personnel.

“We are strengthening and offering jobs and contracts,” he said in a statement.

“Our large and small suppliers play a vital role in supporting our business. It is a difficult time for our communities and the economy. We have to take care of each other if we can do this together. “

JP Morgan predicted the country’s economy will shrink by almost 10 percent in the second quarter, which would result in an unemployment rate of 11 percent.

This highlights the uncertainty surrounding the potential blow to the workforce, but regardless of the numbers, the shock will be significant for the Australian economy.

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This also happened after a senior US central bank manager warned that US unemployment could reach 30 percent, worse than during the Great Depression and three times higher than during the GFC.

This could lead to an unprecedented 50 percent decline in GDP or burden the world‘s largest economy by $ 2.5 trillion.

The gloomy predictions explain the long lines that wind from Centrelink doors across the country when Senator Ruston asked desperate Australians not to turn to welfare when she appeared at Nine today Show this morning.

“We clearly understand the plight this corona virus is causing,” she said. “We ask for patience and calm. What we saw yesterday was heartbreaking. “

The MyGov online portal crashed on Monday after being overwhelmed by people trying to access it.

The government said the site could only serve 55,000 visitors at a time, but the number had increased to nearly 100,000. The number of visitors on a normal day is around 6000.

The traffic was so high that Mr. Robert initially claimed that hackers were responsible for the website crashing. Senator Ruston said there was no excuse for what had happened.

“I apologize,” she said.


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