Jochem Myjer does not recognize himself in Love Without Borders role Yolanthe

When Jochem is asked for his opinion, he is adamant: “You should not come to me with the term bucket list. It is a wonderful theatrical fact for a film and it will definitely be a nice film, but if you hear that you are going to die , then it’s not: shit, I wanted to bungee jump above a volcano.”

He continues: “That’s when you think: one, shit, why did I work so hard, two, if only I had spent more time with my family and three, why did I have that friend who’s always been an asshole for so long. kept a friend? Those are the things you think.”

Yolanthe, who plays the lead role in the film, does not fully agree: “Well, that is very personal because I have spoken to a lot of people, because I did research before playing this role. And also the The director’s mother, Aram van de Rest, died of cancer and we also had a lot of information and input from that.”

Jochem understands what Yolanthe is saying and explains further: “We think to ourselves, if you check off that list, then you might die. But that is of course bullshit. (…) A dog that comes walking towards you, that is wagging your tail, it never says #bucketlist, while it makes you very happy.”

The conversation between Jochem and Yolanthe at On 1 can be seen here.

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