Joe Biden destroys Bernie Sanders

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Senator Bernie Sanders’ claim that Joe Biden flatly won the Super Tuesday for “corporate establishment” is absurd, the former vice president said in an interview issued Thursday in the United States.

“It’s ridiculous. Bernie was hit by the overwhelming support I have from the African-American community, Bernie. You were beaten by women in the suburbs, Bernie. You were beaten by middle-class working people, Bernie,” Biden said on NBC. Today show.

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Sanders, speaking on Wednesday after Biden won 10 of the 14 states that went to the polls on Tuesday, said his favorite partner was backed by the “corporate establishment” and that “60 billionaires” have contributed funds to his campaign.

After a decisive victory on Saturday in South Carolina and the backing of former Democratic rivals Pete Buttigieg, Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and former representative Beto O’Rourke, Biden achieved a series of impressive victories on Tuesday, including taking Texas and Massachusetts.

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Sanders won three states and is the projected winner in California, rich in delegates.

Former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who spent more than $ 550 million on a nationwide advertising bombing, left the race on Wednesday after a bad performance and backed Biden.

In the Today In the interview, host Savannah Guthrie mentioned that President Donald Trump and the Republicans have repeatedly claimed that the system is fraudulent for Sanders to get the nomination at the convention.

“I wonder why he says that,” Biden said, adding that Trump would find Sanders, a Socialist Democrat, an easier opponent.

“I think the only thing the president does not want to do from the beginning is to face me because I will defeat him.” Period. Point, “said the former vice president.

“A rhetorical question: Have you ever seen an acting president get so involved in a Democratic primary and focus so much attention on not wanting a single person, me, to become president?”

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He was also asked about Trump’s intention to hit the Democratic candidate in his dealings in Ukraine and his son’s participation in the Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

“There is nothing there. Donald Trump has corrupted the soul of this country. Donald Trump has hit the middle class … Donald Trump is a disaster and he knows it and he knows that I can point it out. And I can hardly wait to debate it.” Biden said.

He also laughed at an announcement published Wednesday by the Sanders campaign that shows former President Barack Obama singing the praises of the Vermont senator.

“It’s not a surprise at all. Everyone is hugging Barack. Barack was a great president, he’s a wonderful guy. He has said many good things about many people. But look at the idea that Bernie Sanders was a great advocate for the president of the United States and share their views, I mean, “said Mr. Biden, chuckling.” Come on. Anyway, it doesn’t matter much. “

When asked if Obama would support the man who served by his side for two periods, Biden said he will win the nomination on his own.

“Imagine if I had backed up and won as much as yesterday, everyone would be saying that I won thanks to Barack. I’m winning because of me. I’m going to win this on my own,” he said.



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