Joe Biden doesn’t have much to say to Kim Jong-un

The President of the United States Joe Biden is currently making his first state trip to Asia: it is an important and long-awaited trip, with which Biden intends to strengthen relations with the allies of the United States in East Asia, mainly in function of opposition to China.

Biden spent the first few days of the trip, which began on Friday, in South Korea, where he had extensive talks with President Yoon Suk-yeol and agreed, among other things, to start new joint military exercises and possibly the deployment of other American weapons on South Korean territory. The two leaders also talked a lot about North Korea, and the joint measures to be taken to limit the threat posed by the country.

Towards the end of his stay in South Korea, Biden held an event with the president of the Korean auto group Hyundai, who plans to invest in a large electric battery manufacturing plant in the United States.

At the end of the event, while the American president was already walking away from the podium, a reporter asked him a question about the situation with North Korea, and Biden replied with a lot of confidence: “We are ready for everything that Korea. North will be able to do “. When the reporter then asked if he had a message for North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, Biden replied: “Hello”, and then, after a pause: “Period.”

It is unclear what Biden meant by this laconic answer. During his visit to South Korea, Biden said he may be willing to meet Kim Jong-un, but his administration hinted that expectations for dialogue with the North Korean dictator are low: the meetings, the letters and the relationship. Generally stormy and peculiar that Kim had entertained with former President Donald Trump, although it looked promising at first, did not lead to much, and indeed North Korea recently stepped up its missile tests.

Furthermore, the White House recently called on North Korea to negotiate on denuclearization, without receiving a response.

It is therefore possible that with that “Hello … Point” Biden intended to give a witty answer that turned out to be clumsy, but it is also possible that he meant that with the North Korean dictator at the moment there is not much to talk to.

After South Korea, Biden’s second leg of his trip is to Japan, where he will meet Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, as well as the heads of government of India and Australia.