Joe Biden “grace” two turkeys: “Instead of being buttered they were vaccinated”

As per tradition, Joe Biden pardoned the first two turkeys of his presidency at the White House, saving them from the Thanksgiving table, the “Thanksgiving” anniversary that Americans will celebrate on the last Thursday of November. “Every American wants the same thing, he wants to be able to look the turkey in the eye and assure him that everything will be okayBiden said with the usual joking tone that accompanies the ritual ceremony, using one of his phrases in a comical way to show empathy towards his fellow citizens.

“And so it is guys, everything will be fine,” he continued, granting leniency to two white turkeys, Peanut Butter and Jelly. The president went on to joke that the two lucky birds were chosen in the “presidential turkey primaries” based on “their temperament, their appearance and, I suspect, their vaccination status. Instead of being buttered they were vaccinated, ”President Biden concluded with a pun. The two turkeys will now end up at Purdue University in Indiana.

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