Joe Biden takes slo-mo fall off bike and immediately jumps back up –

Joe Biden decided to go for a bike ride in Rehoboth, Delaware, on Saturday morning and was joined by the usual group of Secret Security officials and members of the press. That means all of these people had a front row seat as Biden fell onto the sidewalk in slow motion before bouncing back up.

Biden crossed a street and stopped, presumably to speak to some of the surrounding citizens who wanted to say they needed to speak to the President. Before a meeting or greeting started, Biden just… fell. Anyone who’s ever ridden a bike knows exactly how that would happen, and has very likely found themselves in the same spot before, only without the bonus of cameras watching their every move.

Here is the footage I took President @JoeBiden fell over his bike this morning in Rehoboth.

— Nikki Schwab (@NikkiSchwab) Juni ,

When Biden stood up, he apparently blamed the bike for the toe cages, which makes sense.

“I’m fine,” Biden said as he quickly stood up with the help of several people nearby and appeared unharmed. The President told viewers that he tripped and fell when his foot caught on his bike’s toe cages, which he added were due to be removed.

– The Daily Beast (@thedailybeast) Juni 03 ),

This will no doubt serve as a talking point for certain members of the public who are keen to push certain agendas about Biden’s physical well-being, but let’s all pause for a moment and the rare sight of a President happens to be just like us.


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