Joe Nuvo calls out to DES after being scammed by Facebook. dishonor

At this point Joe Nuvo said thereCriminals have disguised Facebook as who they are for years. And nowadays, playing on social media by informing people on IG that Facebook is fake by fake Facebook using account name “Joe Nuvo Jirayus Jirayut Wattanasin – Real Face

Their real Facebook part is only

  Joe Nuvo calls out DES after being scammed by Facebook  damage reputation again

way DES officer Detected that it should be reopened. The fake Facebook page that has been reported The TCSD was previously closed.

one online news agency which took the post from the Facebook page A fake that stated that he was going to slander Mr. Chatchat. that he didn’t know about it and still took itMany political posts have damaged them. People who don’t understand that it’s Facebook’s opinions will be disgusted and hated on them. Today, we have to come to the Ministry of DES to help.

Chaiwut Said that he received complaints from Joe Nuevo, that the villain had created a Facebook page in the name of Brother Joe and took to post various comments. The person who did not know about it at all The owner does not have a page Only have a personal Facebook account. has complained, DES will coordinate with Facebook to block action because impersonating another person is an offense under the law.

  Joe Nuvo calls out DES after being scammed by Facebook  damage reputation again

In addition, was assigned to the police. Royal Thai Police investigating victims will be a case study Because famous people tend to be treated like this a lot. The act of the villain was considered the destruction of a person’s life. People who are celebrities are faked for posting about politics. causing him to lose his job There are no shows at all. Such an act is an offense of both the Criminal Code and Section 16 of the Computer Crime Act, 5 years imprisonment which DES will proceed to the end

To the actors, singers, and actors who have detected a fake account, whether it’s a name or a picture. Please notify via DES or the police will help block it in order not to affect your reputation further.