A former British soldier who traveled to Syria to fight Isis was imprisoned in Turkey, his mother said.

Joe Robinson, 25, from Leeds, fought with insurgents for five months in 2015 along with Kurdish forces.

But he was arrested on a beach during a holiday in Turkey last July and charged with terrorist offenses.

Ankara considers the YPG – the armed group Robinson fought with – an illegal terrorist organization.

After a trial in which he was not allowed to attend on Friday, he was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison.

His student, fiancée Mira Rojkan, who was arrested at the same time, was sentenced to probation for "terrorism propaganda". She says her only involvement is to share pro-Kurdish contributions on Facebook and YouTube.

Robinson's mother, Sharon Chimejczuk, said she had been notified of a court ruling by a call from a British Foreign Ministry official.

The former army paramedic had already served in 2012 with British troops in Afghanistan.

He traveled to Syria after he was increasingly outraged by both Isis propaganda videos and Britain's inaction in the region.

His family had believed he would leave the country to join the French Foreign Legion.

When he returned to the UK in November 2015, he was arrested at Manchester airport on suspicion of terrorism charges, but all charges were dropped 10 months later.

It is assumed that he traveled to Turkey on vacation without understanding the country's attitude towards the YPG.

A Foreign Ministry spokesman said, "We are ready to provide consular assistance for a British citizen in Turkey."



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