Joel Embiid still does not understand the departure of Jimmy Butler…

Tobias Harris instead of me?Jimmy Butler has not forgotten the circumstances of his departure from the Philadelphia Sixers. After eliminating his ex-team in the Playoffs with the Miami Heat, the winger let it be known by shouting in the hallways. And obviously, the interior of the 76ers Joel Embiid wanted to utter the same cry.

As we explained to you recently, the Sixers, in 2019, clearly had a choice to make between Ben Simmons and Butler, free agent. The two men had difficulty living together and asked to have the ball in their hands. The leaders of Philadelphia opted for the Australian, younger and under rookie contract.

The ex-Chicago Bulls player took charge of the Miami Heat during a “sign-and-trade” and the 76ers used the available money on Harris. A management that therefore always has trouble moving to Embiid.

“Like I said before, I’m happy for him. I’m not going to sit here and say I wouldn’t like him to be my teammate. I still don’t know how we let him go. .

I would have liked to go to battle with him. But it’s like that. We have to keep building and then try to achieve our goal. In any case, of course, he remains my guy. It is my brother. It’s tough, but I’m proud of him.

He really plays at a high level. I am proud to see him at this level and able to carry his team,” replied the Cameroonian to the press.

There is still a particularly strong bond between the two men. And that relationship probably should have prompted more thought among 76ers decision-makers. After the Simmons fiasco and faced with Butler’s success in Miami, they can have big regrets…

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