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Joel Quenneville deserves a better shot and a better shot than Blackhawk's GM Stan Bowman gave him

Blackhawks general manager Stan Bowman gave coach Joel Quenneville a bad goalie, bad defenseman and bad forward in the offseason after the Hawks missed a playoff spot.

And then Bowman has quenched his nose. Bowman has provided.

Looks like a rigged election, eh?

The view here is, Bowman does not do his job as well as Quenneville did his, but the rule is, the GM might not always be right, but he'll always be the GM.

Stanley Cup-champion coach was announced Tuesday, January 30, 2011 The stunts in the wake of a five-game streak in which the Hawks had been outplayed and outscored after 40 minutes in each of those games.

All the people above the coach – the owner, the president and the GM – offered the usual quotes about what a shame it was, sorry for it, blah, blah, blah.

Blaze, blah, and blah, here are goalie Cam Ward, defenseman Brandon Manning and forward Chris Kunitz, the trio that comprises Bowman's lame response to the Hawks.

Go ahead and win. Dare ya. Quenneville did not. Bowman's father, Scotty, Hockey Yoda, the winningest coach of all time, would not have won either. Jeremy Colliton likely will not, but I'd guess he really does not have to.

Colliton, Quenneville's replacement, has experience coaching Hawks prospects in Rockford. This looks like a rebuild. This looks like a step towards giving younger players all the time they can eat. The Hawks are not reloading. The only repeat appears to be missing the playoffs.

The second-winningest coach of all time, 33-year old coach who was 12 years old in the second half of the year for the Hawks' top minor-league team tells you the Hawks want to start over. Tells me that, anyway.

Collins wants to be assisted by Barry Smith, a member of the Hawks' hockey operations staff and a longtime assistant coach for Scotty Bowman who ranked Quenneville by his presence several years ago, underscoring what many believed in uneasy alliance between Quenneville and Stan Bowman.

If so, then Bowman won. This move says so. This move thus protects Bowman's draft choices. This move also makes me think there are several other moves – or at least attempted moves – that will back up, just as soon as they can convince some of the big-money veterans to play their no-movement clauses.

Those players who can not be traded without waiving their rights to say no are just who you think – the stars who won all those cups under Quenneville. Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews might seem untouchable to a franchise that's a hockey team, but if Wayne Gretzky could get traded in that league, then just make the Hawks an offer.

Yeah, Quenneville had his faults. Every coach does. Quenneville had issues with certain gifted players. Quenneville remembers making Quenneville remembered making making regular.

But he won. He won three cups. He won because he was the best bench coach in the league and still ranks up there. I hope Quenneville gets another chance. I expect him to. I say good luck to him, but he does not need it. His former team certainly does.

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