JoeyStarr calls Sébastien Farran, his former manager on Instagram


When JoeyStarr has something to say, it does not hold back long! At war with the former manager of the Supreme NTM group he now accuses of breach of trust, theft and fraud, JoeyStarr did not hesitate to flash it without taking tweezers on Instagram. To do this, the actor took a photo of the cover of the magazine Public, on which Sébastien Farran appears alongside Laeticia Hallyday , which he is very close to. A cliché he commented while writing ” What a man !” before adding many hashtags that actually hid the real message he wanted to convey: “You always have a heartbreaker”, “come back”. ⋙ JoeyStarr rescued from drugs by Sebastien Farran? “Without him, he would be dead” As a reminder, on April 10, Sébastien Farran was placed in custody after the complaint of JoeyStarr, but the affair lasts for some time already, since in 2016 the rapper declared about him: ” The technique Farran invariably consists of getting stuck with the box at the end, whether for charity or other, no states of souls. I remember that he was my manager and had all kinds of proxies to use as he pleased and he did not deprive himself of it “.


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