Johanna San Miguel and Renzo Schuller said goodbye to Diego Bertie with an emotional message

These are the moments when one is speechless. Thank you for your talent, dear Diego. Rest in peace. We keep the best of you dear Diego. Rest in peace, “wrote the host of the competition reality show on his Twitter and Instagram account. The actor also revealed that he could not believe the death of the renowned Peruvian singer.

There is room in the background: Diego Bertie played this character in the Peruvian series

For her part, the popular “Mama lioness” dedicated a heartfelt message in one of her Instagram stories upon learning of the departure of her friend and colleague. “dear friend of mine. I love you very much. Diego Bertie Brigmardello 1967 – 2022″, the presenter wrote next to a sepia-colored photograph of the Peruvian actor.

Diego Bertie and his best moments in

Diego Bertie’s career

Bertie, 54 years old, was part of great Peruvian productions such as NatashaRose of America, The Man Who Must Die, Obsession, Leonella, Things of love and Back to the neighborhood. After finishing his stage in “Hotel Otelo”, a production by Efraín Aguilar, the actor joined the seventh season of There is room in the background of America Television.

Paul Martin affected by the death of Diego Bertie:

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