Johannes Strate & Rea Garvey: Do you live together really soon?


gunslinger frontman Johannes Strate (38) and “Oh My Love” singer Rea Garvey (44) mix from the 24th of April on the popular VOX broadcast Sing my song With. There are probably no format in which the stars and starlets chat so openly about their lives. John and Rea are not only thoroughbred musicians, family people and fat buddies – the artists could even live together soon! How DAS comes about, has John in the Celebrity Flash Interview blurted out , “Rea has just looked at the apartment above me, I do not know what our girls are saying, if we live in the same house now, and then somehow always have a beer in the stairwell in the evening” , told John in an interview with Celebrity Flash , How the inspection went John unfortunately not revealed. But who knows, maybe borrows Rea in the future sugar and eggs at family Strate ?! The German musician knows Rea for about 20 years: “Rea is such a sweetheart, I have to say, really great guy, really. This is just such a dude, so I can call in the middle of the night and say, I do not know what to do and then he comes over, “said John , Well, then nothing is in the way of living together, right? What would you think of it? MG RTL D / Markus Hertrich Marian Gold, Johannes Strate, Mary Roos, Mark Forster, Judith Holofernes, Leslie Clio and Rea Garvey display Patrick Hoffmann / Musician Johannes Strate display IF Singer Rea Garvey display Vote show result Tips for Promiflash? Just e-mail to:


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