World John Bolton puts Trump in trouble

John Bolton puts Trump in trouble


On Sunday night, with joy and premeditation, the missing link appeared that could turn the impeachment trial against Donald Trump. It was not in the Senate arena, but in the pages of the New York Times. The president’s lawyers had spent their first day of the trial arguing that no witness had heard firsthand the president order that military aid be withheld from Ukraine until he announced a corruption investigation against Hunter Biden, son of former vice president Joe Biden . All witnesses had made “assumptions,” they insisted on Saturday.. Then it appeared John Bolton and his book ‘The room in which it happened’, yet to be published.

The former National Security advisor Trump fired in September, just six months after being hired, he has worked in all conservative governments since Reagan and is a frequent face on the Fox network. Republicans regretted his departure and it will not be easy to repudiate him now. Fiona Hill, his right-hand man for Russian and Eastern European Affairs, testified before the Lower House that Bolton ordered him to inform the White House legal advisor about his work with Ukraine to cover his back. «I’m not going to be part of the deal that drugs are cooking (the ambassador to the EU) Sondland and (the head of the White House cabinet) Mulvaney, ”he snapped.

Now it is known, according to what has come from the manuscript to the New York Times, that Bolton went directly to the president to ask him to unlock the 391 million dollars of military aid to Ukraine. There, “In the room where it happened,” the president clearly told him that the money would not be sent until they agreed to open the investigation. And not only about the energy company Burisma, on whose board of directors Hunter Biden served, but about the conspiracy theories that lawyer Rudy Giuliani had put in his head about Ukraine’s alleged interference in the 2016 election campaign in favor from Hillary Clinton.

So explosive is that statement that Trump got into Twitter after midnight to deny it and accuse Bolton of wanting to sell books. The way to find out is to hear him under oath, but that would require four Republicans to vote with the Democratic bloc in favor of calling the witness. Three already agree. The leak published on Sunday night dominated the day yesterday and puts the most moderate Republicans in a bind, who every day have a harder time defending the president from the accusation of abuse of power he faces.



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