Thursday, 19 Apr 2018

John Cena broke up with Nicky Bella a few weeks before their wedding

LONDON (Reuters) – Free wrestling star John Cena and wrestling supermodel Nicky Bella announced weeks before they celebrated their marriage after a six-year relationship.

The duo announced their engagement last year in the wrestling ring while still broadcasting on television in front of millions of viewers.
The duo published a joint statement on social media saying that the decision to secede was a difficult one, and asked their public to preserve their privacy.

The couple were due to hold their wedding on May 5.
After achieving several successes in the free wrestling arena, star Sena starred as an actor for Hollywood action films through films such as “Train Wreck” and “Barriers.”
Bella is also famous for her wrestling circuit through the Reality TV show, which she starred with and her twin, Berry Bella.

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