John Kerry defends the transition to clean energy in Mexico

Palenque, Chiapas. In the fight against climate change, Mexico can have the United States as a great ally, said John Kerry, special envoy of President Joe Biden for Climate Action, who defended the importance of moving to clean energies such as solar and wind.

The US official emphasized that despite the fact that countries have increased their commitments to stop the effects of climate change, much remains to be done in the face of the risks that are to come.

“Taking action in all sectors of the economy and moving to a zero economy offers opportunities and is the best that our lives have to offer. I want you to focus on that, ”he said during his speech at the presentation of the Sembrando Vida program to the United States delegation.

Upon learning more about the operation of the Sembrando Vida program, which has a budget of 28.9 billion pesos for this 2021, Kerry recognized the reforestation efforts promoted by the Mexican government which also contribute to the generation of jobs.

“All of us in the world need to focus on what López Obrador is doing here, he is trying to do,” he praised.

“This is not only the issue of reforestation, it is a program that focuses on the town, on the people, on people’s lives, on work, on the possibility of being able to stay where you live, the possibility of being connected with the earth as part of their future ”, he added.

He also highlighted that if the effort and success continue, Mexico could contribute almost a third of global mitigation by 2030.

“Let’s hope we can work together as strongly as possible, not only to make COP26 a success in two weeks, but, if not, to build on it. And my vision and that of President Biden there is thus the possibility of greater cooperation between Mexico, Canada, the United States and we can meet here to improve life for all our citizens, to offer a better future, “he concluded.

Contribution of Mexico

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador recalled that the Sembrando Vida program contributes to curbing migration.

“This is an important option, to go to the bottom of the immigration problem, not be just stopping, much less betting on the coercive, the violation of human rights, but go to the origin of the problem and we can do it together with the United States government, ”he said.

Regarding the decrease in pollution, he assured that instead of selling crude oil, what is being done is to modernize the refineries

“Of course, now, instead of selling crude oil, what we are doing is modernizing the refineries, which also means less pollution and building a new refinery to produce our gasoline, our fuels, but only to supply the domestic market”, precise.

In addition, he recalled that the generation of electricity with water is being promoted.

“President Biden has an ally in the defense of climate policy, to face climate change,” he said.

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