John Lennon and Paul McCartney sang a virtual duet together

The relationship between the two former stars of Liverpool’s The Beatles wasn’t always cloudy, with Paul McCartney now saluting in the United States.

As an article in TMZ magazine recalls, the relationship between Paul McCartney, 80 years old but still active, and John Lennon, who was assassinated in 1980, was rippling, but this week Paul McCartney made it a spectacular gesture to think of his bandmate with love and respect.

The former frontman of The Beatles performed in Spokane, Washington, and towards the end of the show, his band began playing the song “I’ve Got a Feeling,” which was featured on The Beatles ’1970 Let It Be album.

As John Lennon’s face appeared on the screen, the audience greeted him with a huge ovation, and Paul McCartney worked great with the machine voice.

Previously, there were clashes between the overcast Lennon and the happier McCartney, recording a lot of songs together, but to put it very simply, critics saw Lennon as the better lyricist and McCartney the more talented composer.

Before John Lennon’s former video faded at the current concert, Paul McCartney seemed to turn to the screen to nod with a nod.