John Malkovich will play a serial killer in Varna, this time the tickets are cheap

The prices are from BGN 45 to BGN 75, not BGN 50 to BGN 400 as in Sofia.

John Malkovich is coming to Bulgaria for the second time this year – a performance is coming in which he will play the role of a real person – the serial killer of women Jack Unterweger.

“Infernal Comedy: Confessions of a Serial Killer” is with the Vienna Academy Orchestra and features two famous sopranos, Chen Rice and Suzanne Langbein. The event will take place on July 23 in Hall 1 of the Festival and Congress Center in Varna and is part of the “Intermezzo” program – in conjunction with the “Varna Summer” International Music Festival.

The guest appearance of John Malkovich with this significant spectacle has been our long-standing dream, we were waiting for an opportune moment when we could geographically and temporally combine his engagements in this part of the world, close to Bulgaria. This became possible after a planned participation in neighboring Romania, festival director Nikolay Yordanov told “24 Chasa”.

The 69-year-old actor will arrive late in the evening on July 22 from Timisoara, which is the 2023 European Capital of Culture, where he is on tour.

The tickets offered by the FCC, where the show will be played, are selling like hotcakes, in just one day half the hall is almost sold out. The reason is also the significantly lower price than the long commented 400 BGN for Malkovich’s performance in Sofia “In the solitude of the cotton fields”.

In Varna, the prices are from BGN 45 to BGN 75 thanks to the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Varna. We are socially responsible towards the audience, we tried not to exceed the prices for a Bulgarian show, comments Yordanov. Next week, more tickets will go on sale on an online platform.

The author and director of the performance is Michael Sturminger, who is not the first to work with Malkovich. It tells the documentary story of the Austrian serial killer of women, Jack Unterweger. John Malkovich takes on the role of the villain with talent and criminal intent, while the two sopranos sing arias by Haydn, Mozart, Gluck and Vivaldi and other great classical composers and portray the women in his life – the mother who abandoned him and the victims of his manic states.

Sentenced to life imprisonment in Austria in 1976, Unterweger published his autobiography in 1990 under the title Purgatory. She made him a literary celebrity, and Austria’s intellectual circles successfully campaigned for his release. But not long after, the murders continue, says the announcement for the show.

The production is subtitled in Bulgarian and is not recommended for persons under 16 years of age.

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2023-04-19 22:00:00