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John McCain: Funeral for US Senator in Phoenix, Arizona

Four days after the death of John McCain, public mourning ceremonies for the US senator began Wednesday in Phoenix. Accompanied by policemen on motorcycles, the coffin wrapped in the US flag was driven to the Capitol in Phoenix. An honor guard was already waiting there.

"He dedicated his life to serving his country," said Arizona State Senator Jon Kyl at the Capitol funeral. It was also attended by McCain's wife Cindy and their three children. Hundreds of people came to say goodbye. John McCain was Senator for Arizona from 1987 until his death.

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Funeral service:
Arizona says goodbye to McCain

Until Thursday McCain's coffin is said to have been laid out in the Capitol. Then he is taken in a public procession to the Baptist Church in the north of Phoenix, where a memorial service is planned. At the Friday McCain's coffin will then be laid out in the Capitol in the US capital Washington. As in Phoenix, there citizens will have the opportunity to say goodbye to the Republican exceptional politician. There is also a livestream planned.

At the Saturday There is a memorial service in the National Cathedral in Washington. There, among others, the ex-Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush speeches. Wolfgang Schäuble will travel to Washington for Germany. At the Sunday McCain is then buried in the cemetery of the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland (for an overview of the different funeral services, see McCain's memorial homepage).

US President Donald Trump will not attend the memorial service in Washington. The two politicians were considered adversaries. After McCain's death, Trump had come under pressure to pay tribute to the merits of the deceased war veteran and senator – which Trump did on Monday.

McCain had died on Saturday (local time) at the age of 81 years as a result of a brain tumor. He had been elected to the US Senate six times as a representative of Arizona, where he was considered one of the most prominent members. He had gained great respect over the party lines.

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In a post-farewell farewell message McCain called for overcoming the deep political split: "Do not despair of our present difficulties, but always believe in the promise and grandeur of America, because nothing is inevitable here." Americans do not give in. We do not capitulate. We do not hide from history, we make history. "


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