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John Stamos almost watched "Fuller House" while he was rehearsing at a fertility clinic

John Stamos had a weird moment in a fertility clinic.

The 55-year-old actor came by Busy tonight on Monday, when he told all about his trip to the fertility clinic when he and his wife Caitlin McHugh tried to start a family.

"This is an absolutely true story, and I've been waiting to tell that story," he told Busy Philipps, the presenter of the show. "[We were] When we tried to get pregnant, we had to do something, and we had to go to a fertility place, and I had to give a sperm sample. "

"I went into that little room they were going in," go in there … "And they said," If you need suggestions or whatever, there are videos and a TV here, just turn the thing " he continued, "I turn on the TV … and it's on Fuller House, My hand to God. "

"I like when I masturbate to myself, it will be my old self, not the new one," he joked.

Despite the somewhat embarrassing moment, everything went well when Stamos and McHugh, 32, greeted their son Billy in April.

"I have waited a long time. I'm 72 years old now, "Stamos joked about fatherhood. "I thought about it. I was on TV with babies. And I have the feeling, now, if I hold it in my hand, someone will come and take it. I do not admit that the word "cut" is said in my house. "

Stamos continued to enthuse about being a father and told Philip that this was the "best time" of his life.

"It's just so nice. It's just the perfect time, "he said. "I am glad that I have waited to devote myself entirely to my wife and child and to forget myself because you are getting tired after a while, right?"

Seven-month-old Billy brings a lot of love to the Stamos house, thanks mainly to his namesake, Stamos' father William Stamos, who died in 1998.

"My wife was so gracious that I was allowed to name him after my father Bill. Billy, "he said. "Yesterday my dad had a birthday, and he's been gone a long time, so to have his energy back home and say his name brings it all back and it's just the best time of my life."

ET's Lauren Zima met with Stamos last month, where he shared that he and McHugh were already planning baby number two!

"We planned this cruise, a family cruise, Caitlin was like:" We have to have a baby, we have to have a baby. "And then she says," You know it's going to disturb the cruise, so we may have to wait, "Stamos said, before adding," But it will come soon. "

Watch the video below with Stamos:



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