Johnny Dee: “Whenever the ball goes out of my hand I think it can come in”

He is the fashion man in the GB. Johnny Dee (Denver, Colorado, 1992). Princess Cup MVP, consummate shooter and probably the most decisive player in the LEB Gold. Repeat to the fullest that the key is being “the improvement and level in each training.” He ascended last year with Betis and would like to “play in ACB with Gipuzkoa Basket”

It comes from scoring the winning shot in Madrid. Something that everyone ever dreams of.

– (laughs) Yes, it’s true. Who has never done a countdown in training to have the winning shot? I really enjoy this kind of shots.

Another comeback. This time away from home raising 14 points.

– There are not many teams that are able to lift that distance in those minutes. We went little by little and had the option of winning the Canoe.

Two thirds of the championship have passed and they are co-leaders. The sensations are good.

– I feel that we grow and improve in every game and every training. This break has been good for us to gain strength because we have twelve very difficult games left. We have good feelings, we have won three games in a row, winning the Cup and we will work hard until the end.

What about Palma and his three consecutive defeats?

– He is one of the most talented teams in the league and I talked to Tom and Matt (Bropleh and Stainbrook), who were my teammates last year. That means that this league is not easy. You can lose anywhere if you are not butt.

With the atmosphere in Gasca, do you feel invincible?

– I think we are playing very well at home, except for the game we lost against Palma. For us, playing in Gasca is a joy. The support of the people makes us have a better mentality and more confidence when playing.

All rivals are strengthening.

– All teams are better now. There is a large group that has signed as Valladolid, Coruña or Oviedo. That means we should not conform.

You will sign Timmer!

– I felt very bad for him because he had never had such an injury in his career. Reed feels better and better, he is recovering and his return will be important for us. We must also put in value that we have been without him since day eight and I am looking forward to his return.

There is no talk of anything other than the defensive level of the team. What do you think?

-Mikel (Motos) and Xabi (Oroz) are doing an incredible job in defense sacrificing a lot for the team and it is undoubtedly one of the keys of this year. It is a question of the coach of how we protect ourselves, of the rules that we have in defense and that we are executing them well.

What do you think is the key to your good progress?

– I think we are very solid. Look at our defeats, all for a few points. Other teams cannot say the same. The defense and the environment we have in the team are incredible.

Nicola said you want to always win.

– Yes, I am a very competitive player. I want to win even in shooting exercises in training. As a child you look at players like Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant, who did not like to lose and that infects you. The truth is that I am like that, yes.

Are the trainings very competitive?

– Yes, and I believe one hundred percent in that. The teams that do not train butt and strong, it is impossible that they can win the game of the weekend. I think that every training I have done in the last two years has helped me to improve. If my teammates train hard, I feel that I am becoming a better player every time. Every day is an opportunity to improve. If I train with Mikel Motos or Xabi Oroz, who are one of the best defenders in the league, that helps me to be better.

Have you ever noticed a little attack alone?

– I feel that the defense sometimes focuses a lot and is very strong on me. For example, in A Coruña I think they defended me well and in that we have to improve. How can I help the team even if they defend me strongly. We also have very good players in attack like Rozitis, Motorcycles, Úriz, Sollazzo or Murphy.

Do you have little memory with the ball in your hands?

– (laughs) Of course. I can have easy or difficult shots but whenever the ball comes out of my hand, I think it can enter.

Have you been told that your shot reminds of Jimmy Baron’s?

– Baron, wow! He is an amazing shooter. I know he played here.

It’s that you arm your arm from nine meters effortlessly. How do you explain it?

– When I was little I trained by pulling from three but I started to try more and more from behind. With the game more and more open, there are more spaces and you have more option to cheat, make a shot or penetrate the basket. Thus the range of shot is increased to the distances you say.

They tell me that you are the best player in the LEB …

– I thank those who tell you that, but I only work to improve every day. I feel like it’s been like that in the last two seasons.

Would you like to play in ACB with Gipuzkoa Basket?

– The answer is easy: of course. But our mentality should not be to think of ACB, but to train to win every week.

Just let a ball pass … and you’re not one of those.

– It is not in my hand what may happen in the future. If there is a situation that Gipuzkoa Basket is in the ACB, of course I would love to stay.


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