Johnny Depp claims that no one is safe from “cancel culture”. He is bothered by a boycott by Hollywood

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The well-known actor again commented on the margin of litigation with his ex-wife.



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Hollywood-rejected actor Johnny Depp complained about the so-called “cancel culture” at the San Sebastian International Film Festival in Spain. He pointed out that many doors in business had closed for him due to lawsuits with his ex-wife Amber Heard. Among other things, he lost the role of Grindelwald in the fantasy series Fantastic Beasts.

“It’s gotten out of hand enough that I can promise you no one is safe. Neither of you. “pointed out according to the Screenrant website in one of the interviews at the festival. In addition, the actor said that a similar thing happened not only to him, but also to many men and women before him.


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Amber Heard recently won a lawsuit that confirmed that Johnny Depp had physically harmed her. The problem is that, according to the actor, Amber Heard also led the attacks. As is often the case in similar disputes, fans always take the side of one of the couple and interpret the evidence made available to the media according to themselves, regardless of the court’s decision.

Depp’s supporters, for example, are asking Aquaman’s creators to remove Amber Heard from the second part in retaliation for the boycott of the actor. The petition against the actress is currently signed by more than 1.8 million people.

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