Johnny Depp has to appear in court again over a new indictment

If you thought the court saga surrounding Johnny Depp had settled down, you’re wrong. Just when the verdict has been reached in his endless battle with ex Amber Heard, it turns out that he could charge her again and that he will be charged again, this time not by Amber Heard. We’ll tell you what you need to know about the charges.

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Johnny Depp back in court

The high-profile case between Johnny Depp and his ex Amber Heard has only just been concluded, but Johnny is expected to appear in court next month. Anyone looking forward to the next TV spectacle will be immediately disappointed, because the trial is not broadcast on television. We therefore do not have to count on high-profile TikTok content about the case.

Why is Johnny Depp being sued?

This time Johnny Depp is not being sued by his ex Amber Heard, but by Gregg Brooks. Who is that? Gregg is the location manager of City of Lies, a crime thriller that never appeared. The film should have been released in September 2018, but the distributor pulled its hands off it at the last minute. There’s a good chance that had something to do with Brooks’ indictment: it happened shortly after he filed a complaint against Johnny Depp.

Still, the question remains: what exactly does the case entail? Depp has to appear in court over an incident that happened on the set of . in 2017 City of Lies would have taken place. Location manager Gregg Brooks claims that Depp – who appeared drunk at the time – allegedly punched him twice after Brooks tried to cut short the filming day. The case begins July 25 in Los Angeles and he will be defended by the same team of lawyers, including Camille Vasquez.

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