Johnny Depp will appeal in case with Amber Heard

Hollywood actor Johnny Depp has appealed the lawsuit with his ex-wife Amber Heard. The actress received almost 2 million euros in the case that was won by Depp, but the actor is not happy with that. Heard also appealed last week.

The 59-year-old Pirates Of The Caribbeanactor disagrees with Heard getting compensation. The jury assigned her to her because there was defamation when Depp’s lawyer previously called her allegations of abuse a ‘hoax’.

In early June, Depp won the case that Heard had brought against him. She had written in an op-ed about her experiences with domestic violence, and although Depp’s name was not mentioned, he stated that it was clear that he was intended and that his career and reputation had suffered as a result. The jury agreed and ordered Heard to pay $15 million, 35 million less than Depp had demanded.

Heard in turn appealed that decision. A week ago, the Virginia court rejected that request. Last Thursday, however, her lawyers still submitted documents that should prove in her favor.