Johnny Hallyday: in Saint Barth, the tomb of the rocker makes the good at the economy

Johnny Hallyday: in Saint Barth, the tomb of the rocker makes the
 good at the economy

“LOVE” written in white and red flowers. This is one of many bouquets that are found deposited at the tomb of Johnny Hallyday , in the cemetery of Lorient, on the island of Saint Barth. Since the burial of the rocker , December 11, on the island that was so dear to his heart , the fans keep laying wreaths of flowers, whether they come from the West Indies, or from metropolis, as reported by AFP. On the spot, tourists but also inhabitants of the island do not miss to flower the tomb of the singer. At the time when the journalists went there, they noticed the presence of “letters, signed pebbles, a mini Harley Davidson, necklaces of shells, and even a pack of Gitane cigarettes with a lighter”. Bloomy, one of the two florists on the island, is increasingly sought after Johnny Hallyday has joined his last home, as entrusted by his manager. “I made two guitars, a motorcycle, a treble clef, a heart. At first especially, it was madness. We had people crying on the phone. Someone asked me to send sand from his grave. And then, once the flowers are installed, they ask for photos, news … Some just call to discuss Johnny Hallyday. ” AFP adds that the tour operators have also seen a sharp increase in the demand for trips to Saint Barth, in order to pay tribute to Johnny Hallyday. “I think it’s a phenomenon that will last, even if the big one will be in 2018-2019. I have an equivalence with Jacques Brel: we still receive from time to time requests to visit his tomb in the Marquesas Islands, “said a manager of the agency Mojito Spirit. More than ever, and at any price, Johnny fans will do everything to say a last goodbye to their idol.

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