“Johnny”. Maria Pakulnis conservative and boring. But Natalia Kukulska went crazy with style

The official premiere of Daniel Jaroszek’s film “Johnny” took place in Warsaw. The story about priest Jan Kaczkowski has already gained recognition at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia – the film was awarded the Audience Award. Piotr Trojan was also honored for the best male acting performance and Marta Stalmierska for her acting debut. During the Warsaw premiere, the cast, filmmakers and invited guests appeared. We looked at selected red carpet outfits.

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“Johnny” – teaser. Dawid Ogrodnik as priest Jan Kaczkowski

“Johnny”. Trailer of the moving story of Fr. Jan Kaczkowski

Maria Pakulnis appeared in black at the premiere of Johnny. Kinga Burzyńska focused on the strongest trend of the season

Maria Pakulnis focused on minimalism and simplicity this evening. The actress chose conservative black, which unfortunately looked quite boring. Everything was correct here, but something was missing. A good solution here would be to break the whole thing with one strong accent – an extravagant handbag or shoes. For this type of event, the styling did not look very good.

Maria PakulnisMaria Pakulnis Fot. VIPHOTO/East News

Natalia Kukulska did not disappoint once again. The artist is known for her love of oversize cuts and this time she also went in this direction. The plum dress with frills perfectly matched the singer’s beauty, and the golden accessories complemented the whole beautifully. The styling was aesthetically reminiscent of the French bohemian of the 70s. This look was very artistic and global.

Natalia KukulskaNatalia Kukulska Photo Artur Zawadzki / REPORTER

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Kinga Burzyńska has chosen one of the strongest trends of the season. The three-piece men’s suit turned out to be a bull’s eye. A tight-fitting vest emphasized the journalist’s figure, and the wide legs of the pants added to the fashion flow styling. Long earrings were also a successful element in this look.

Kinga BurzyńskaKinga Burzyńska Fot. VIPHOTO/East News

More photos from the premiere of “Johnny” can be found in the gallery at the top of the page.

The film “Johnny” tells the story of an unusual relationship between Father Jan Kaczkowski and Patryk Galewski, a recidivist who runs away from responsibility. The man was caught stealing in a hospice established by priest Kaczkowski and was hired to help as a punishment. Work opened him up to new emotions and meeting people. We will see Dawid Ogrodnik and Piotr Trojan in the main roles. The premiere of the film in Polish cinemas on September 23.

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