Nand the British are outside, and even if no fanfares were blown, it was an emotional moment for many. Boris Johnson mentioned in his video message released an hour before Downing Street left, both camps: the one linked to the exit from the EU “hope” and the one where the Brexit showed a “feeling of fear and loss “Evoke. He understood all of these feelings, said Johnson, and called for them to get together now. All tools have been brought back from the EU to “unfold the potential of this brilliant nation”.

Johnson emphasized that Brexit was the “right and democratic decision”. In the past decades, the EU had developed in a direction “that no longer suited Britain”. The voters would have made this clear twice in the 2016 referendum and in the elections last December. Now, with the “power of independent thinking and acting”, you will exploit your new possibilities. “We will rediscover muscles that we haven’t used in decades,” he said. For the future, he wished for a “new era of cooperation between the EU and an energetic Britain”. The kingdom would be both: a great European power and global in its aspiration and ambition.

While supporters of Nigel Farage celebrated the “liberation” from the European Union and the “victory of the people over the establishment” in front of Westminster Palace, sad EU friends across the country celebrated the farewell with candles in hand. Johnson, on the other hand, acted as the mediator, without gestures of triumph but without regret – in line with his stated goal of “healing the wounds” that opened up the three and a half year long debate.

In a good mood at his own Brexit party: Nigel Farage in London

With that in mind, he had staged the last day of membership. He traveled with his ministers to Sunderland in northern England, to the constituency that had been the first to vote for Brexit on the referendum night. There he talked to people, visited companies, and finally held a cabinet meeting. In the evening he had invited to a reception on Downing Street, where there was no champagne but English sparkling wine. In London, however, it has a reputation for being able to easily keep up with products from France.

The battle is over and the losers were no longer willing to hand out this Friday either. The Remainers in parliament looked at the next eleven months on the day of the government’s departure to negotiate a free trade agreement with Brussels. They hope that the entry into the real world of Brexit, which begins only after the end of the “transition phase”, will be as painless as possible. The domestic struggle until the end of the year will run along the question: How close does the kingdom stay to the rules of the European Union?

There are some indications that the conflict about future relationships will be less charged and passionate than that about leaving. The fundamental question has been resolved and the tired nation wants to finally turn to other issues. An exception are the Scottish nationalists, who are exploiting Brexit to launch their next independence referendum. But it will take until then.

The British know how to celebrate in style.

The road from the European Union was long. Twenty pictures show the most important stages of the British on their Brexit course, which was not always straightforward.



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