Johnson compares Brexit and Ukraine war

The Ukrainians, like the British, had opted for freedom with Brexit – the British prime minister was heavily criticized for this statement. The former Brexit representative in Brussels calls the comparison “crazy”.

Boris Johnson after his speech at the Conservative Party Spring Forum. (Image: dpa)
(Photo: Peter Byrne/PA/dpa)

LONDON – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson came under heavy criticism over the weekend for comparing Ukraine’s fight against the Russian invasion with Britain’s vote to leave the EU.

Like the Ukrainians, the British people have opted for freedom with Brexit, Johnson said in his speech at the British Conservatives’ spring conference yesterday.“Boris, your words offend the Ukrainians, the British and common sense,” tweeted former EU Council President Donald Tusk. Former European Parliament Brexit Envoy Guy Verhofstadt called the comparison “crazy”, adding: “Brexit was about taking away freedoms and leaving the EU…Ukrainians want more freedom and join the EU! ”

British Defense Committee chairman and Johnson’s party colleague Tobias Ellwood tweeted: “To compare the Ukrainian people’s fight against Putin’s tyranny to the vote of the British people damages the standard of good governance that we have begun to see.” Defeating Russian President Putin requires international leadership and unity. British Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey called Johnson a “national disgrace”.

Johnson, who has recovered from a serious political crisis since the beginning of the war by his firm support for sanctions against Russia and arms sales to Ukraine, has once again raised doubts about his leadership qualities. A few weeks ago, a vote of no confidence in his own party because of alleged lockdown parties in Downing Street, the seat of government, was not unlikely. That’s why the police are currently investigating Johnson.

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