Johnson, “proud” of his controversial plan to send immigrants to Rwanda

Before getting on the plane to Rwanda to attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting yesterday, Boris Johnson He was ironic with the journalists, assuring that he was “aware” that he arrived in the African country “before any immigrant who had crossed the English Channel illegally did.” The truth is the visit to Kigali of the “premier” could not be loaded with more symbolism precisely because Rwanda has been occupying the British headlines for days because of the controversial Downing Street plan of sending asylum seekers there who have arrived by illegal routes to the United Kingdom. This is one of the most controversial measures of the post-Brexit era.

Johnson stressed that the fact that Rwanda is going to host this summit “is an opportunity for everyone to understand what this agreement has to offer, what Rwandans have to offer, and to help put an end to some of these condescending attitudes towards Rwanda.” , as reported by the British television channel Sky News.

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