‘Joined IS of his own free will’; Now Iravada; Who is Shamima Begum? ISIS | Syria

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“This is worse than prison. Because those who serve prison terms know there will be an end to it. But here I don’t get such a job…” – Shamima Begum says these words in the Al-Roj refugee camp in northern Syria. Shamima crossed over from East London to Syria in 2015 with two friends as a school student to join the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group. He was only 16 years old. After that there was no information about them. Shamima was nine months pregnant when she was found in a refugee camp in Syria in 2019. Following this, the British government revoked their citizenship and banned them from entering the UK citing that they were a threat to the country. British media BBC is now presenting Shamima’s experiences in a podcast in the form of a legal battle demanding that this be reviewed. From preparing to leave for Syria to the miserable life in an IS camp, Shamima shares the podcast. The BBC has already aired the first two parts of the ten-episode show ‘I’m Not a Monster: The Shamima Begum Story’. With that, Shamima Begum is again in discussions. Also, the BBC has been criticized for telling the life story of a ‘terrorist’. The main criticism against Shamima is that she has admitted that she joined IS of her own free will and is now playing the role of a victim. Who is Shamima Begum? Why is their name in so many news and discussions now?

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