Joker-like spider discovered and named Joaquin Phoenix

“When I saw the Joker movie I realized the close similarities between the spider and the character, which was later confirmed by some of my colleagues”said Alireza Zamani, one of the scientists from the University of Turku team.

Later, Zamani explained that they gave him the name of the Hollywood star for his colors and his way of acting: With this in mind, I thought it was a nice tribute to name this beautiful species as Phoenix, in recognition of its fantastic portrait of the character. I hope this species is as memorable as its performance. “.


Asi es la “loureedia phoenixi”.

Asi es la “loureedia phoenixi”.

University of Turku

It is a velvet spider that is not dangerous and lives underground. About 3 times a year, males come to the surface, while no females have been detected at this time.

The spider images are from 2016. However, this species was not classified anywhere.


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