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Joko & Klaas: Your "taff" show is made of "hot iron"

On Tuesday afternoon, Joko Winterscheidt (40) and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf (35), after their defeat at "Joko & Klaas v. ProSieben", fully agreed to serve the station as agreed. This means that the moderator duo has produced an entire issue of the TV magazine "taff" – including "hot iron". Where otherwise Annemarie Carpendale (41), Daniel Aminati (45) and Co. lead through the program, the two entertainers delivered in their view, "one hour television for young people".

From mosquitoes, assis and "ugly bags"

In terms of structure, "taff with Joko & Klaas" hardly differed from the original. It was reported on current topics such as the mosquito plague on Ammersee, a contribution on "Assis in New Zealand" shown and cut celebrity themes such as the MTV Movie & Film Awards or Adele at the Spice Girls concert. A good deal of humor and sarcasm, however, the two presenters could not resist. And so, for example, zoo jokes, funny sound effects or even derogatory comments about the "ugly" daily gain made it into the program.

The special thing about the show: Winterscheidt and Heufer-Umlauf were responsible for everything. From the topic planning to the moderation texts up to the setting of the contributions. That this was not always good, seemed to be pre-programmed somehow. The setting of the last contribution on sporting fashion trends had to take the two live from the studio. The reason: The video was not completed on time.

The improvisation of the entertainers did not seem to spoil the enthusiasm of the fans. The hashtag #JKtaff landed shortly after the start of the show at number one of the German Twitter trends. "The show with Joko and Klaas is really good! I almost choke with laughter" or "Can the 2 simply host any Pro7 show from now on?", were just two of the many Twitter comments,

The revenge follows on foot

Tomorrow's Wednesday, Winterscheidt and Heufer-Umlauf will have a chance to restore their honor. At 20:15 clock runs the third episode of "Joko & Klaas against ProSieben". If the two can enter a victory against the station as in show one, they may "maybe" enjoy another 15 minutes of live broadcasting time. That leaves ProSieben at least on his official Twitter account,


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