Jokolade: “We definitely benefit from the reputation of Joko” | Featured | Green Marketing Days

The issue of sustainability and our mission are central to Jokolade as a company. There is currently not enough space for these topics in our communication, but we would like to change that now. That’s why we’re currently working on how we can emphasize our sustainable and, above all, fair positioning, not only on the products, but also in our communication across all channels.

Fair production in cocoa production does not seem to have become so widespread among consumers, what still needs to be done here?

That’s true, unfortunately. One challenge is that consumers are not directly affected by the unfair conditions in cocoa production and therefore often do not (or cannot) realize what consequences these have for local farmers. The issue of willingness to pay is also important. With such a question, it is always debatable whether the pull must come from the consumer or from the market. Basically, there has already been a trend towards more sustainable and fair products in recent years, but especially in an inflationary environment, consumers are more likely to go back to cheap products.

I believe that a really profound and, above all, rapid change, even with the current market challenges, can only happen if a better product range and a correspondingly targeted consumer education are ensured. With Jokolade and other partners from Tony’s Open Chain and Fairtrade, we already stand up for these goals, but we need the support of all players along the value chain. These include, for example, the large cocoa traders who influence the world market price, producers who choose what kind of cocoa they process, brands who establish fairness and sustainability as central elements of their value system and thus in their products and their communication or Grocery retailers who design their assortment accordingly. If all these elements come together, consumers have no choice but to buy fair chocolate. The way there is long, but we are firmly convinced that it will be crowned with success in the end.

Coralie Grau will tell more about Jokolade’s sustainable approach at the Green Marketing Days 2022. Together with numerous other exciting speakers, we will explore what makes a sustainable love brand from October 11th to 13th. Be there and get to know innovative companies, take a look behind the scenes in our rich supporting program and take the opportunity to connect with experts on the important topic of sustainability. More info.

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