Jokowi Speeding! Want to Leave a Legacy of 2 Million Electric Motors

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Ministry of Industry encourages an increase in the population using electric vehicles in the country, as one of the steps towards reducing carbon emissions. Unmitigated, Minister of Industry Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita said President Joko Widodo is targeting the production of two million electric motorcycles by 2025.

“We continue to explore the electric vehicle industry, both for four-wheeled and two-wheeled vehicles. Especially for two-wheelers, there is a target from the President in the shortest time to produce two million units in 2025,” said Agus , based on the release received, Sunday (15/10/2022).

The Minister of Industry is optimistic that this target can be achieved in the near future because the support for the production capacity of electric motorcycles from 35 electric vehicle manufacturers reaches one million units per year.



“This is to achieve the government’s target for Indonesia to reduce emissions by 29 percent in 2030 and achieve the target of zero emissions or net zero emissions by 2060,” he said.

Therefore, Agus emphasized the need to strengthen the electric vehicle ecosystem from upstream to downstream, so that Indonesia is able to become a hub producer of electric vehicles in the ASEAN and Oceania regions.

“We give appreciation to domestic companies that have participated in building an electric vehicle ecosystem in the country,” he said.

To achieve this target, the Ministry of Industry conducts socialization and education about the benefits that can be obtained by consumers in using environmentally friendly vehicles. On the producer side, the Ministry of Industry continues to encourage the automotive industry to produce a variety of innovative products with the latest electric vehicle technology.

In order to create a market and at the same time increase the population of electric vehicles in Indonesia, the government has issued Presidential Instruction Number 7 of 2022 concerning the Use of Battery Electric Motorized Vehicles (Battery Electric Vehicles) as Operational Service Vehicles and/or Individual Vehicles for Central Government Agencies and Regional Governments. The existence of this Presidential Instruction will be a catalyst for increasing the production of environmentally friendly vehicles as well as a form of government commitment in accelerating the era of electrification in Indonesia.

Local component optimization

Furthermore, the Minister of Industry emphasized to electric vehicle manufacturers to continue to optimize the use of domestic components so that it will directly increase the value of the domestic component level (TKDN).

“Optimizing the value of local components can increase the potential of the vehicle market due to the issuance of Presidential Instruction No. 7 of 2022,” he added.

This effort is also in accordance with the mandate of the Regulation of the Minister of Industry Number 6 of 2022 concerning Specifications, Development Roadmaps, and Provisions for Calculation of the Value of Domestic Component Levels for Battery-Based Electric Motor Vehicles (Battery Electric Vehicles).

“Thus, electric vehicles that have met the minimum TKDN limit according to Presidential Regulation 55 of 2019 can fill requests for government official and operational vehicles according to Presidential Instruction 7/2022,” he explained.

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