Jokowi Super Duper Worried, Rupiah Exchange Rate Ketar-Ketir!

The rupiah exchange rate fluctuated in the face of pressure from the US dollar and global currencies at the same time. Overshadowed by President Jokowi’s concerns about the surge in Covid-19 cases in several parts of Indonesia, the rupiah today fell to its deepest level of Rp. 14,236 per US dollar on Thursday, October 28, 2021.

“Even though it’s small, (Covid-19 cases) are creeping up, you still have to watch out. What does that mean? The increase is there, even if it’s small,” said Jokowi after learning that there were 105 regencies/cities in 30 provinces that recorded an increase in positive cases of Covid-19. Also Read: Antam’s Gold Price Rises Today, It’s Enough to Add a Ceceng!

According to RTI, the rupiah is currently down -0.19% to the level of Rp14,198 per US dollar. The rupiah must also be subject to two European currencies, namely the euro (-0.19%) and the pound sterling (-0.21%). At the same time, the rupiah was able to have a slight advantage over the Australian dollar (0.02%). Also Read: Changed 180 Degrees! The Price of 24 Karat Gold Today Falls To Pieces!

In Asia, the rupiah is the second weakest currency after the baht (0.02%). That means, the rupiah beats the yen (-0.30%), Singapore dollar (-0.24%), won (-0.17%), Hong Kong dollar (-0.16%), yuan (-0, 14%), ringgit (-0.09%), and Taiwan dollar (-0.02%).