Jol: Jolie: My son is the next extraordinary

Jol: Jolie: My son is the next extraordinary

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho, nicknamed “Extraordinary”, believes his 18-year-old son will be the next outstanding footballer. Juve’s younger son, Jose, attended United’s match against Swansea last month at Old Trafford to gain experience. Mourinho admitted that his son – known as Zucca – had impressed his father with his superb analysis of Manchester United’s defeats. “I will tell you something that only my assistants have known,” Mourinho said in a documentary with Portuguese radio and television. “In a period of bad results for Manchester United my son was suffering because his father was not doing well and he came to me with some analysis on my team.” “As far as I can remember, we lost to Watford and Manchester City and came to me with statistics for the team and then I offered it to my assistants and we received it with surprise,” Mourinho said. As for his son’s future, Mourinho said: “I warned the assistants and I told them one day that he would take one of your places as the next exception.” “I compare what my children do to what I do in my age and I see a great similarity with us, given the changing technology methods,” Mourinho said. Mourinho’s son plays in the goalkeeping center like Felix’s grandfather, Fulham, before leaving last year. For more details and news Hadramout Net continued on social networks

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