“Jolin Tsai’s Mentor” Shocking PO Desperate Farewell Post Announcement: My wronged soul will accompany you for the rest of your life|Entertainment|CTWANT

Zhang Shengfeng, a 55-year-old senior choreographer, has choreographed for Jolin Tsai, Rainie Yang, and Stefanie Sun in the past. He is known as the “Godfather of Dance” in the Chinese pop music circle. Last year, it was revealed that he was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, and was imprisoned in a nursing home for half a year by his own brother. Unexpectedly, yesterday (28th) he suddenly posted on Facebook: “I decided to leave, to leave this sad world ” and other negative words made netizens very worried when they saw this, and they all advised him not to do stupid things.

Zhang Shengfeng suddenly posted on Facebook yesterday: “This video should be the side shot of my last video. After I leave, it should not be released to the world. Let us regard it as my last video. Let’s make a record.”

Zhang Shengfeng first confessed to his agent, thanked him for his appreciation, and said directly, “I have been waiting for nearly 20 to 30 years, and you are the Bole I have been looking forward to. Thank you for helping me plan my acting career very carefully. You have been in this circle for nearly 20 years, and it is rare to see an agent who is the most active in doing things. These 20 days can be said to be the happiest period of my life.”

Zhang Shengfeng, a well-known domestic choreographer in the past, posted a message on Facebook in despair. (Photo/Flipping Zhang Shengfeng Facebook)

Then Zhang Shengfeng changed the subject, suddenly mentioned another “special assistant”, and criticized him directly: “I don’t know where I offended him. He tried his best to slander me, twist right and wrong arbitrarily, and distort the facts into I told a lie, turned an illusion into truth, took away my hope, and destroyed my last dream.”

Zhang Shengfeng said frankly that in the face of the attack and the harm, his whole body was covered with bruises: “I have been hurt to the point where I have no love in my life. I decided to leave, to leave this sad world, but I have an unfulfilled wish. , the autobiography is halfway through, I hope you can help me complete it after I die, okay?” Posting the post with extremely negative emotions made everyone very nervous after reading it.

Many netizens saw Zhang Shengfeng’s rather negative posts, and they poured into messages to cheer him up, and told him: “Mr. Shengfeng~ Don’t give up on yourself because of other people’s behavior! You have worked hard for so long, don’t be defeated because of it”; Artist Huang Tenghui also left a message of encouragement: “I don’t know what happened, but no matter what happens, it will pass, come on.”

And Zhang Shengfeng also posted a video of the chat record on his personal YouTube channel, accusing the special assistant of what he did to him, and emphasized, “My wronged soul will accompany you through your whole life.” As for some netizens in the message area accusing him of being in debt of 3 million, Zhang Shengfeng himself has not yet responded.