Rest in peace, Batfleck – long live BatHamm?

The same day it was reported that Superman actor Henry Cavill had taken off his cape and Batman star Ben Affleck had probably "flown away" from Warner Bros. DC Movie Universe, mad Men alum Jon Hamm threw his hat into the ring of stars that Affleck could follow as the Dark Knight.

In conversation with the television sports reporter Graham Bensinger about an episode of his eponymous interview series In the depths with Graham BensingerHamm revealed that he is interested in playing Batman since he's been a comic fan since he was a teenager. However, there is a condition that a project must meet with Hamm as a Caped Crusader.

Hamm explained, "It depends on the script, what the story is."

"I'm a big comic book fan, always has been, I've read comic books since I was 9 or younger, and I'm pretty knowledgeable about many of them," Hamm continued, adding that he particularly likes the genre when the films are "well done".

The label Star then said he "probably would fit the suit" – he and Affleck share a similar physique and are about the same height, with Affleck being only two inches taller than Hamm – but admitted he "a lot he's not really excited about.…27&Itemid=47 In a conversation with the past that he would be a wonderful Bruce Wayne, Hamm mentioned that he had heard rumors "since probably the first one Season of mad Men", which debuted more than a decade ago in 2007. But do not start doing it Fan Art of Hamm as Batman Just yet, people – the actor has quickly followed that he "never spoke to anyone about it, literally" and has never been in serious negotiations to play Batman.

"I've been sitting in the room with all these guys, I've never been offered anything, I think the internet wants what it wants," he said. "But I mean, a lot of people have to sign out, obviously not just the internet."

Ultimately, Hamm is confident that he could bring to life a new and fascinating reiteration of the sainted vigilante – as long as the powerful want him to take the Affleck torch for a future movie.

"I'm sure there is an interesting version of it," said Hamm. "And if they wanted to tip my shoulder and ask me, why not?"

Hamm's comments on Bensinger come here posted an article in December 2017 claiming that Hamm "hard-won" the role of Batman under the backstage complications of director Matt Reeves The Batman, The movie was supposed to play Affleck in the title role.

"Jon knows that Ben has criticized Batman Superman and justice Leagueand thinks openly that he would be better suited for the job. This is business for Jon – not personal, "an anonymous source shared with the point of sale." Jon is desperate for the gig friend or not … Matt thinks Jon is charming and a big fan of mad Menso it seems to be a great transition to him. "

With regard to Hamm's possible connection to the character of Batman, nothing is set in stone, and Warner Bros. has not made any official comment on Affleck's rumored departure from the DC Extended Universe, so the fans would for the time being reverse their anticipation. Still, there's no doubt that Hamm would be a damn good Batman. The same guy who played the wealthy – and troubled – Don Draper mad Men to play the equally wealthy and always persecuted Bruce Wayne? It seems to fit perfectly, but only time will tell if BatHamm becomes a reality.


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