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Jonah Hill says he wants to get away from Bro comedies like Superbad

Last year Jonah Hill showed a new side of his talent during his directorial debut Mid-90s was received with critical acclaim. He also had an incredible performance on Netflix Maniac Next Very bad Co-star Emma Stone. The actor has since been in modern classic comedy hits like his Aerated and This is the endand it does not look like he'll soon return to his roots in the "bro" comedy. As he revealed recently:

Over the years, Jonah Hill has developed a mature approach to his work, and while looking back on the films that have begun his career, he no longer wants to promote the "other masculinity", but also some venomous masculinity, which in many of these films is presented.

As he recently explained to Variety, Jonah Hill does not feel particularly obligated to turn away from these narratives, but as he grows up, he recognizes some problematic elements of the characters of his past, and as an actor, advances storytelling through storytelling.

An outstanding example of his interest in combating traditional masculinity is through Mid-90sfor which he wrote and directed the script. The film tells the story of a 13-year-old boy hanging out with a new audience in a local skate shop. He said he made the film to spotlight the harmful misogynistic and homophobic behavior of teenagers' language at the time and how their inability to express emotions, sensitivity and vulnerability has led to "terrible decisions".

While his breakout roles are classics and certainly still weird movies, Jonah Hill's themes simply do not hold up. So do not expect Superbad 2 in the future. The actor has distanced himself from the Bro comedies since his dramatic work in his Oscar nominations in 2011 Moneyball and 2013 The Wolf from Wall Street and agree to roll in LEGO and How to Train Your Dragon Film series as Green Lantern or Snotlout.

The demand of Hollywood for "comedies" has certainly changed since 2007 Very bad But let's hope Jonah Hill returns to his beginnings in comedy in a project where his heart is. We would be very happy if we could see him. Michael Cera, Seth Rogen, Bill Hader and Emma Stone are also involved in the fun!


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