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Jordan Rossiter looks forward to a bright future among Rangers under Steven Gerrard, his hero of the past

The last time Steven Gerrard sat at a press conference next to Jordan Rossiter, he interrupted his player to blame a journalist. He had the midfielder speak for himself this week, and he might have wished he could have done this earlier. This was the glowing rating he had given from his coach.

Rossiter was just a boy trying to win in Liverpool when Gerrard was not only the captain of his home club, but also the captain of his country and a global superstar. Rossiter said that was never known, and the 21-year-old is not the least bit surprised that he has behaved the world's best player since his appointment as a Rangers manager with the same class and sympathetic treatment.

"He was fantastic," Rossiter said. "I remember the first time I trained at Melwood and he was brilliant with me. I've learned so much from him to train with him everyday, and I hope that as a manager, I'll learn so much more under him.

"He was always approachable when I was there, and I've heard so many other stories. He was even reachable in the city.

"I think every academy player who comes in the first team will be thrilled. He was first class as a player and was first class as a manager.

"Of course you try to impress him. That would also be the case for the person in charge of this football club. I want to play every minute of every game and hopefully that will come eventually.

"It's special to play under him. There are a few more scouse accents than in recent years. But even without her it is an incredible club. I'm just happy to be part of it. "

For Rossiter more than most, these words sound true. His terrible injury problems since moving to Rangers more than two years ago are well documented, but he finally seems to be in a position to make a regular contribution to the cause.

"I've never really been a regular week-to-week player in my career," he said. "That's what I have to aim for, although I know that there is a lot of competition. But there are many games and I think I can be a part of this club.

"I am physically and mentally the best place I have been in a few years. All I have to do is stay fit and available for selection, and when my chance comes, it's up to me to grab her.

"I basically lost two years of my career and I have to get that back. Playing soccer at a young age is important to your career and development, and I missed that. "

The followers have certainly never lost confidence in Rossiter, and he is thrilled with her goodwill, despite his long jumps on the sideline.

"Since I'm here, the fans are great," he said. "I can not speak highly enough about them. They supported me so much, though I do not know if I deserved it after two years of injury. I have never said a bad word to myself. I want to pay her back as well as the club.

"This is one of the best clubs in the world. Here I want to play my football. The fans are a big part of it and one of the main reasons why I came here at all. "

Another man who believes in Rossiter is Gerrard himself. The Rangers manager still looks promising in the child he first clapped in Melwood many years ago, and although he manages the workload carefully, he believes that the midfielder can play an important role this season.

"I'm here to support him," said Gerrard. "He's my player, he's a good player whose time was really tough. But I think it's important that we stop talking about this difficult time. We hope that's behind him now. He repeated training sessions, he was available.

"I think he can make something of everything. He is very fit in terms of endurance, so he hits big numbers and covers a lot of grass. He is almost as good as me. He can pass the ball short and long, he is honest, I trust him.

"He is ready for it. He's my player style, making him empty for you. So he just has to be patient and let it happen, and it will come. There is a lot of football to play until the end of the season. He will get many more performances this season, taking care of himself than in the previous two seasons.

"I think that's a good platform to move forward. He will not agree because he wants to play every game. That's how it is, I know the child. "


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