Jordi Rebelln, doctor Vilches dies in the series ‘Hospital Central’

The actor Jordi Rebellón He died this Wednesday at the age of 64 from a stroke. The interpreter became very popular for his role as Doctor Vilches in the Telecinco series’Hospital Central’.

“Today we say goodbye with great sadness to our dear colleague Jordi Rebellón. Our sincere condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. Rest in peace,” confirmed the Union of Actors and Actresses through a message published on the networks social.

“From Garay Talent we have to communicate the sad news of the death of our client and friend Jordi Rebellón. You will always be in our hearts. We want to send a huge hug to all his family and friends. Rest in peace,” he adds on his profile. from Instagram the agency for the representation of actors, directors and scriptwriters, Garay Talent.

The iconic character of Rodolfo Vilches, with which he became one of the best-known faces of television in Spain, earned him some recognitions in the sector, such as the Best Television Actor Award, the Spanish Press, Radio and Television Association or the ZAPPING Award Best Leading Actor.

But, with almost three decades of career, Rebellón was much more than the character that made him famous. Trained in the Barcelona Actors School His career has focused especially on acting in television and theater projects, although he has also held some technical positions.

The actor began working in the 1990s on productions such as ” Dear cabaret “,” Makinavaja “or” Sesame Street ” and has participated in some of the most iconic series on television such as “Family doctor”, “To love is forever” and “Tell me how it happened”. More recently he has been seen in the series of Spanish Television “Central Market” and “Serve and protect”.

Farewell to your colleagues

Actors and personalities from the audiovisual sector have reacted to the unexpected death of the actor. Among them the singer and actress Lolita Flowers, with whom he worked in the theater. “I met you at Hospital Central as Dr. Vilches and we became friends. Life brought us together again in Don Juan Tenorio and in a few more series. Above all, life brought us together. We called each other from time to time, but we loved each other. Really. That you are gone forever hurts, hurts in the soul, friend. Goodbye, “he posted in a message on Instagram.

“Jordi Rebellón dies of a stroke. A good actor. Whenever I coincided with him, he transmitted me a feeling of affability and nobility, of sympathy and closeness. DEP, and my condolences to his loved ones”, says the actor and director. cinema Santiago Segura.

Luis Merlo qualifies Rebellón as a “good actor”, but above all he remembers him as “a great companion”, and Ana Belén publishes an eloquent “What sad news!”, accompanied by a photo in which it appears with him.

Silvia Marsó he looks back when he remembers when they worked together for “more than three years” in the play “No one pays here”, by Darío Fo: “I can’t believe Jordi Rebellón died. I will always remember him as an exceptional colleague , lovable, generous and human. I have no words. ”

The actress Itziar castro recalls his last talk with him, on Monday of last week at the gala of the XVI edition of the La Alcazaba de Ávila awards, when “we laughed at having shared the chapter with the highest audience in Hospital. He came out in a coma and I I was dying. Today they tell me you’re gone and I’m still in shock. Have a good trip, compi. ”

Also colleagues in the series that launched him to fame have wanted to say goodbye to him. Fatima Baeza (Esther in the series) publishes: “10 years working with you, partner. A lot of moments … good, difficult, funny. I don’t know how to express in words the sorrow, the nostalgia and the bewilderment. I love you, partner, and you stay with me. , with us, with many. Rest in peace and have a good trip wherever you go. ”

Elia Guys, what She was also part of the cast of “Hospital Central” as Claudia, she is very affected: “We have been a family far beyond fiction. Look, you and I have shared blows, but this one did not expect it. I know that from where you are You will smile when I tell you to be calm, that what happened in Los Enebrales will remain forever in Los Enebrales. I love you so much, Rebe. ”

The Argentinian Roberto Drago (Héctor) writes a concise “Without words … I will always miss you”; Bárbara Muñoz, who played the young Alicia, repeats the phrase “I love you” up to ten times in a row and Jesús Olmedo (the psychologist Carlos) points out “Enjoy a lot, kid, wherever you are! I’ll see you in a while” and accompanies the message with a video in which they are seen singing in a karaoke.

“Sometimes we said it was too late for some things. Actually, it was too early. Fly high, dear Jordi. My big hug to family and friends,” says the presenter and journalist Berta Collado, while Luis Larrodera writes “May heaven receive you as you deserve.”

The television director, screenwriter and producer Alberto Caballero he expresses himself with a laconic but eloquent “Qué palo” and the humorist The Altar Boy He addresses the Catalan actor directly: “Friend Jordi, I’ll take the little talks that we had at the door of the Teatro La Latina and with your affectionate gaze. Thank you for everything and rest in peace.”